Orlando in mid-July was the setting for this year’s ICAST Convention and since I had a long standing arrangement for Team Wild Fish to film a couple of episodes for Season 3 of Wild Fish Wild Places down at Marco Island with good friend Captain Wright Taylor of Fly Wright Charters, we decided to bring the cameras to ICAST 2012 to film some of the stand-out, innovative products that caught our eye during this annual fishing tackle showcase.

Also, our buddies at Fishing Florida Radio had invited Denis and myself to join the three amigos–Steve Chapman, Boodreaux and Capt. Mike Ortego on their popular Saturday morning radio show during our visit. I just knew we were going to have a lot of laughs on this trip!

As the Wild Fish crew was doing “the rounds” of the endess booths and displays, Savage Gear Lures caught our attention and drew us in like a pike to a live-bait.

Originally started by a Dane, Mads Grosell, Savage Gear develop and manufacture some of the best action, big fish lures around. They have a fantastic range suitable for most predatory fish, all with their own unique action and made strong and durable. Go and take a look on www.savage-gear.com and be blown away by their incredible lures.

One of the most impressive new additions to the array of bags and tackle totes  is the Wild River Tackle Tek “Rogue” Bag by CLC. CLC have been making bags and holdalls for the hardware sector for more than thirty years and their new range of tackle bags are probably the best that I have come across yet. The workmanship is first class. However, it is when you open the cover on the Rogue model that the true innovation and build quality is revealed. Here there is an iPod dock and speakers located on the front, along with a rechargeable battery pack in the base. I was left with the lasting impression from this innovative line of tackle totes that their construction is of the highest standard, using the best materials and components, in addition to the clever use of a sound system and internal lighting for the “nocturnal nut buckets” among our ranks! Visit www.gowildriver.com to see their superb range of gear.

Glacier Glove is a brand that has been around now for more than thirty years, designing, innovating and manufacturing high performance gloves for the outdoors enthusiast. I bought my first pair of Glacier neoprene fishing gloves back in 1993 from a small fishing tackle store in the south of England! I still have these wonderful gloves in my boathouse where they have been retired from service for some time now due to the impressive improvements in design, materials and manufacturing processes allowing for greater dexterity, thermal values and overall foul weather protection. The more recent Glacier Gloves product lines that come from this Nevada family business are suitable for 21st century needs. I use their sun gloves all the time to protect my hands from the very damaging UVA and UVB rays that we are all now so aware of. Go take a look at their amazing range of gloves, hats and other really great gear at www.glacierglove.com.

Innovation, invention and dedication are traits that characterize Jeff Dahl, the inventor of Loop Rope, one of the best new products that I believe should be in every home, car, boat, farm and indeed every work place.   They are the one and only solution to tie-downs, made simple.  Just take a look at what you can do with a Loop Rope to make life easier.

I just love this simple and versatile tie-down system, so much so, mine are in constant use.

John BooDreaux Baumann of Fishing Florida Radio Show suggested we take a look at a range of products from a company called LifeProof. Lifeproof make a range of water proof and shock proof cases for iPhones and iPads.  Denis and I volunteered to ‘road test’ these extremely practical and robust waterproof cases in the Gore-Tex storm simulator booth!  We accompanied Angel King, LifeProof’s Director of Events into the booth along with some demo cases containing an iPhone 4 and iPad 2 in simulated conditions that I would describe as akin to being locked into a rather tall, washing-machine on the ’heavily soiled’ programme!

The powerful water jets came at us from every angle and direction, giving our borrowed protective suits a thorough soaking.  All the while Angel and Denis were able to surf the net with the two devices safely cocooned in their smart LifeProof cases!  I started laughing as the jets of water drummed on my hood and shoulders and momentarily thought I would drown such was the force of water spraying into my face!  Great fun!

Lifeproof cases are a must-have for all iPhone and iPad owners.  This is a really practical product.  Take a look on www.lifeproof.com at these amazing and sturdy cases.

Our three hour stint on Fishing Florida Radio with Steve Chapman, Capt. Mike and BooDreaux was a laugh from start to finish and our time on-air just flew by! Do yourselves a favour and catch up with the Three Amigos on www.fishingfloridaradio.com and listen back to their Podcasts which I can assure you are pure entertainment!  After the show, we all went for a leisurely breakfast with Les, our minder, who had kindly chauffeured us to the studio at 5:30 that morning.

Check back later in the week for the rest of our excursion to Florida!

Image courtesy Wild Fish Wild Places

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