On Sunday, February 3, 2013, when the Baltimore Ravens come out of the tunnel to face the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII, one of the men to keep your eye on is number 37, Sean Considine. Considine, an avid outdoorsman who is on Mossy Oak’s Pro Staff, will be living the dream he’s had for most of his life and his entire football career.

When the Baltimore Ravens either kick off or set up for the kick return at the Super Bowl, look closely at number 37, Sean Considine. In that Ravens uniform playing the position of safety is Sean Considine, an avid turkey hunter, whitetail deer hunter, and member of the Mossy Oak Pro Staff.

“When I went to college at the University of Iowa, I discovered a wonderful flock of turkeys almost within the city limits of Iowa City, Iowa,” Considine reports. “However, I quickly realized that football was more or less a full-time job. So, I had to really concentrate on turkey hunting more than on deer hunting, if I was going to have an opportunity to get out into the woods. In the spring of the year, while in college, I had plenty of places and more time to hunt turkeys than I did deer. I still love to hunt turkeys today.”

Having played in the NFL long enough to buy his own property to hunt, Considine has achieved one of his greatest goals–behind playing in the Super Bowl, of course.

“One of the first things I invested in when I was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles during my first year in the NFL, was property where I could hunt,” Considine explains.

Being a successful NFL player, Considine has been able to achieve one of his dreams–owning his own property to hunt on. Photo courtesy of the Baltimore Ravens and Phil Hoffman.

“Each year, I added more property to my holdings to have my own place for me and my family to hunt. I really enjoy climbing onto my tractor and building, planting, fertilizing and managing the food plots on my land. I have improved the land so much that I have plenty of turkeys and deer on my own property to hunt. I love to spend time out there.”

We asked Considine which Mossy Oak pattern he liked the best.

“I like the Brush pattern the best for spring turkey hunting,” he answered. “In the fall, when I’m hunting for deer, I like the Break Up pattern.” On Super Bowl Sunday, Considine won’t have an opportunity to choose the clothes he wears for that special day. He’ll be wearing the black and blue of the Baltimore Ravens’ uniform. Instead of trying to outsmart a turkey or get a deer in close enough to take a shot, he’ll be trying to outplay the offense of the San Francisco 49ers, and stop the fast, strong, and heavy linemen on the punt-return team. As Considine has said before, he depends more on his brain and the techniques he’s learned to take down his opponents and to be able to stand up and walk away when the play ends. A hunter and a football player, Sean Considine has a passion for both.

To learn more about Mossy Oak, go to www.mossyoak.com. Outdoor Hub will be publishing more articles detailing Considine’s outdoors background in the lead up to the Super Bowl–keep checking back for more.

First image courtesy John Phillips, second image courtesy the Baltimore Ravens and Phil Hoffman

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