Shooting Sports USA roots through the Holy Terror’s range bag

This month Barb Baird from Women’s Outdoor News sat down with world and nationally ranked competitive shooter Randi Rogers to ask an important question: What’s in your range bag?

Fresh from another win at the 2013 Costa Rica IDPA National Ladies Championship, Randi Rogers, took a few minutes to let us know what’s in her range bag.

Rogers is a world and nationally ranked competitive shooter and an outdoor industry professional. At age 11, she began Cowboy Action Shooting with her grandfather. She moved away from Colorado after earning a degree in Business Marketing and began her career with GLOCK in Georgia. Last year she left GLOCK, relocated to Texas, and now works as Marketing and Sales Manager for Comp-Tac Victory Gear and shoots on their team. By the end of last year, she had amassed more than 35 world and national titles in seven disciplines.

Randi actually uses six different range bags, depending on the discipline she’s shooting, but she carries a 1776 backpack to the range. She said, “I am so short, I have found the backpack to be more comfortable.”

Here’s what she puts in her pack:

  • Cleaning Kit – Mil-Com cleaning products and oil. She said, “I like Mil-Com because it doesn’t smell so bad, but it works great. The cleaning solution comes in a spray bottle but it is not an aerosol, so I can fly with it.”
  • Patches/ Q-tips and bore snake.
  • Parts kit for her GLOCK Gen 4.
  • Zippered pencil pouches for cleaning kits and other things. She said, “They are not too big, but keep things more organized than just a plastic bag.”
  • Business cards, because “I am always meeting new people and new friends.”
  • Eyes/ Ears. “I use ESS eyewear. They are really clear and comfortable. I usually shoot in clear lenses because I see the best in them. I take two frames and three lens sets. Ireally prefer molded ears, but I also wear muffs if it is cold or indoors.”
  • Guns/ Mags. “If possible, I take two guns and two more mags than I think I will need. That way, if I have a problem with a gun, I can just go to my backup and don’t have to try to fix it on the range. I also take extra mags in case I lose or break one.”

Rogers said she always takes along a lucky item: “It is a silver horn I bought in Italy. It is for good luck. I had it with me at the world shoot so I think it is very lucky.”

You’ll be able to see more of Randi at this year’s MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup in Columbia, Missouri as she faces off with other top shooters from around the world.

Image courtesy NRA Blog

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