A couple of weekends ago, my good friend Les Gold—the most famous pawnbroker in America and the star of Hardcore Pawn—and I got together for some early morning shooting at a local range. Both Les and I savor every moment we get on the firing line, and those moments are only better when you’ve got a great pal shooting with you!

After we finished shooting, we rolled back to American Jewelry and Loan for a little chat. I decided our awesome Outdoor Hub and DavidFarbman.com audiences might enjoy an up close and personal conversation with Les.

Check out my interview with him below, and leave me some feedback in the comments!


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  • Jeff Beasler

    les gold is cool and so is farbman cool interview and like that he is agun guy

    • David Farbman

      cool biz jeff glad u dig. We sort of threw it together after we were shooting at the range, he is good peeps!

  • Brian Brinks

    Good stuff Farbman

    • David Farbman

      Thx B2!

  • Les Gold for President ??

    • David Farbman

      Love it but I think pawn is treating him well!