This interview with Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation President David Allen is the first in OutdoorHub’s Leaders of Conservation series, in which we sit down with leaders of the North American conservation movement to learn more about the stories behind their organizations.

Nearly 30 years ago, four hunters in northwest Montana met and pondered a question: why wasn’t there an organization dedicated to protecting the elk, one of North America’s grandest animals? The four men—a pastor, a realtor, a logger, and a drive-in owner—decided to take it upon themselves to form such an organization: the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF). Now the RMEF stands as one of the largest and most respected conservation groups on the continent. Current RMEF President and CEO David Allen is the heir to a long legacy of protecting North America’s elk and elk habitat. He told me in an interview that in many ways, the organization has both vastly changed and stayed the same since its founding.

Earlier this year, the organization surpassed 200,000 members and 500 chapters—a far cry from its original brotherhood of 2,500 hunters back in 1984. Some things, however, never change. Since the organization began raising money for their first habitat project in 1985 (to fund a prescribed burn in Kootenai National Forest), the RMEF has been working diligently to preserve elk.

“What we’re doing today at RMEF is leaving something behind and giving something back,” David said at the outset of our conversation. “The RMEF has four main priorities. One is permanent land protection. The second is habitat enhancement and improvement. The third is hunting heritage and access to public land. The fourth is elk reintroduction programs.”

David grew up in a hunting family from the Black Hills of South Dakota. He said that the harvesting of an animal and preserving that right for future generations is part of the culture he was raised in. When not hunting elk in the rut, David can be found chasing after mule deer or turkeys in the spring. He insisted that he has a passion for elk not just because of what’s expected of him as the head of the RMEF, but because it gives him the greatest adrenaline rush he’s ever felt. Working to preserve the species for the future furnishes a similar feeling.

Although a lifelong hunter and conservationist, David said his journey to the helm of the RMEF happened in a roundabout way. He initially studied journalism at the University of Wyoming and embarked upon a marketing career with NASCAR and the Pro Bull Riders Tour. How David ended up working with the RMEF can be chalked up to serendipity.

“Richard Childress, who was a NASCAR team owner and one of my clients for about 25 years, is a major donor to the RMEF,” David explained. “One time he volunteered me to help the foundation with some marketing projects and that ended up with me on the Board of Directors, which led to my current position.”

Leading a major conservation group was a whole new ballgame for David and not without its own challenges, but he said that his training as a journalist made him stick to the facts.

“As CEO I wear a lot of hats,” David shared. “I guess I see my first and foremost responsibility is to our staff in terms of making sure that they have all the resources and support that they need to do their job properly. Then I get out of their way and let them do their jobs.”

David took over the RMEF in 2007, when the organization was struggling financially and losing members. His first goal was to stabilize the group’s finances and bring the RMEF back in line with its founders’ vision.

“This is our 30th year, starting in May,” David said. “The RMEF was founded by four elk hunters from Montana who had a vision of forming an advocacy group for big game and primarily elk. Somewhere along the lines, the organization’s senior management evolved and changed [to the point that] they got away from the hunter conservation model and got a little too far off into an environmental focus. That hurt the organization for a number of years and frankly caused a drop in membership and loss in revenue. Since then, we have purposely focused on bringing the organization back to the hunter-based conservation model. Our membership today is the largest it’s ever been, at 205,000. We have more resources and support than ever before, and I think that the organization is healthier than it’s ever been.”

David stated that he has a tremendous amount of respect for the RMEF’s founders—Bob Munson, Bill Munson, Dan Bull, and Charlie Decker—and directs the organization in line with their wishes. He knows two of the founders (Charlie and Bob) well, being that they are Honorary Directors of the RMEF.

“I make it a point to stay in close contact with them. I have a huge amount of respect for the blood, sweat, and tears that they put into the organization and I try to honor that.”

David said he already achieved one of his major goals with the RMEF, which was to turn the organization’s financial situation around and get the RMEF back on the front line of elk restoration. But his job isn’t done yet.

“I hope to lay down a foundation so that the organization never wanders back to that time,” he continued. “My other major goal is to continue to be more and more of a voice for the future of hunting as it is and as it relates to conservation. I want to connect to the younger demographic of hunters, young adults, and have them buy into the belief that hunting is conservation.”

You can watch a video from RMEF’s on why “Hunting is Conservation” below:

Perhaps the most telling of David’s successes at the RMEF is that this year, Charity Navigator awarded the organization its sixth consecutive four-star rating. The four-star rating is the highest available from the Charity Navigator, which evaluates charities based on their efficiency, transparency, and ethics. For every dollar sent into the RMEF, 90 cents go directly to its programs. For David and the RMEF’s staff, it makes all their hard work worthwhile.

“We’re very proud of it,” David said. “What makes me feel the best is that it is a major reflection of the work that our staff does. They show up and they do their job for the right reasons, and they’re focused. When we are recognized by organizations such as Charity Navigator, it makes me feel proud for our staff’s sake, and the work that they do.”

Although David has fond memories of NASCAR, he said that his work in conservation is entirely more satisfying.

“What we’re doing today at RMEF is leaving something behind and giving something back,” he repeated. “When you’re in a sport like NASCAR, everything is focused on the moment. It gets down to, ‘what have you done for me today?’ In the world of wildlife conservation, the question is ‘what have you done for the future?'”

Image courtesy David Allen

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      18. The RMEF used to use science and see the big picture regarding the prey-predator relationship. They appreciated that predators were necessary in their ecosystems and practiced good stewardship, improving elk and other wildlife habitat and returning elk to areas where they had not been like MN, WI, VA for many, many years. Over the past 2, 3 years RMEF has donated over $200,000 to IDFG, MFWP, WyG&F for wolf management which includes collaring and sometimes as in the FC-RNR wilderness area (where wildlife is supposed to live) killing wolves for the sake of elk. In MT wolves are not the primary factor in elk mortality, not in WY either (WY’s elk hunt had a success rate of 45% or 48% despite having wolves). Yet wolves are the ones with the targets on their backs. Perhaps it’s time for the RMEF to look at the +2 million cows in Idaho and how much grazeland they use, and if on public lands, the ranchers pay a pittance for. Look at the Wedge pack deal a year and a half ago. That pack was killed to the tune of $77,000. The amount paid by McIrvin to graze on the public lands there probably cost less than $2,000 which is not the value of the cows, but the amount paid to the government to graze livestock there. Those 2 million cows are taking up valuable space, habitat that elk and deer, other game could be using. Those cows can and do spread disease to elk (and sheep spread pneumonia to wild big horn sheep which kills them). The Wedge area sounded like a good area for elk or deer but there are cows there instead in the Colville Nat’l Forest. It seems that the RMEF has its priorities screwed up. There are other factors that affect elk like weather, human hunting, quality of food/nutrition—especially for pregnant cows going into winter. And of course predators. Idaho has over, or about, 100,000 elk with a handful of zones below objectives. Lower cow-calf ratios have nothing to do with wolves because wolves don’t prey on the calves but mountains, bears, and other predators do. But the wolves are to blame for that, especially in the Lolo.
        Basically, RMEF nowadays is more concerned with killing predators instead of accepting that they are necessary and beneficial like Aldo Leopold and the Murie brothers did. Killing wolves is a way for the RMEF to garner support (and they also involve themselves in lawsuits, not just DOW or other “greenie” orgs,and IF memory serves they are involved in one in MI even though ALL the wolves are in upper Michigan and ALL the elk are in lower Michigan—that lawsuit isn’t about preserving, improving elk, it’s about the wolf hunt). If they aren’t involved with the lawsuit they support a hunting organization’s petition that has nothing to do with improving anything for elk but again, is about hunting wolves. Now it seems that there is no appreciation or understanding for any predator that lives with elk, it’s easier to go with the “kill ’em all” mentality. Go look at RMEF’s Facebook page. When a hunter who disagrees with another about killing something that they aren’t going to eat that first hunter gets jumped on by the others. Their claim now is that hunting IS conservation. Not really because now everything is about that big buck, that trophy elk, big this, trophy that. Keep taking out the big bull elk that are still of breeding age and what will be left is smaller, weaker animals. Look at any hunting magazine…get that trophy bull, buck, whatever. Taking those animals is encouraged, almost made a competition. That isn’t conservation. That isn’t ensuring long-term survival for the species. Those big, healthy bulls and bucks, etc. are still of breeding age. I know you don’t believe this but wolves and other predators are more than happy to get a sick or injured animal, they don’t go after the biggest and the best…humans do and it is encouraged by hunting orgs and their magazines. Over hunting by humans is also the biggest factor of elk mortality…maybe IDFG, etc. should back off on issuing tags for elk or move the season to later in the year. I’m sure the real sportsmen won’t mind if it will help the elk. Of course RMEF would throw a fit if IDFG, MFWP were to do that. Also ask IDFG if they have any stats on elk hit by cars, roads are a huge danger to elk. ID refuses to build overpasses for wildlife. RMEF could fund that. WY and other states have built them, I’m sure RMEF has the money to fund them in ID.
        RMEF could also pay for collaring more elk to determine mortality factors. Hundreds of wolves are collared in the NRM and MFWP for one study collared 44 cows, calves. And in the process killed more of the calves than the wolves did. That was 3 years ago for their Bitteroot study. Mountain lions were the prime cause for calf mortality. But again, wolves are targeted. Seems RMEF would get more bang for its buck by focusing on studying elk than paying for wolf management.
        That’s the difference. Go read some articles written by Aldo Leopold, the Muries, you will see the differences between then and now. Also now it’s all about the $$, just like DOW—who I do not work for and don’t donate to. David Allen has no background in science, biology and scoffs at those who do. That is another difference.
        Hope this makes sense, wrote it in a hurry. Thanks for asking, Brandy.

      19. The Murie Family did not create the RMEF read the article again four Montana citizens did.

  1. Allen claims that the RMEF supports “habitat enhancement and improvement.” Translation: The RMEF supports the creation of elk farms on our public lands by killing natural predators and reducing them to a bare minimum. Predators such as wolves co-existed with elk for hundreds and hundreds of years, and elk never went extinct. It is not good conservation to manipulate nature’s design in order to create more hunting opportunities for a minority of “sportsmen.” In fact, it is completely unethical and irresponsible. When you’ve lost the Murie family, David, you know you’ve gone down the wrong path.

    1. I would suggest we plant wolves in every state and let everyone see their devistating affects to wildlife. Then you bleeding hearts will change your mind.

      1. Wolves manage elk, deer, and moose you stupid ignorant anti-wildlife terrorist. That is devastating, that’s elk, deer, and moose management you stupid anti-wildlife terrorist. You hunters are subhumans.

  2. RMEF supports the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation–that wildlife is owned by all Americans and needs to be managed to sustain their populations forever. ALL wildlife includes wolves, elk, lions, deer, etc. This model is why America has the best populations of wildlife anywhere in the world. Translation: management is vital and necessary. If not, the US wildlife landscape becomes like Europe.
    Those hundreds of years of elk-wolf natural co-existence were before millions of humans spread across the landscape. That’s impossible now and it’s also why management is so vital.

    1. Then why has RMEF not allowed the subject of wolves at their banquets since the introduction??…..Why do they give money to study wolves… but no bounties??….RMEF has lost it’s way…and to support them now is as bad as supporting other pro wolf (predator) organizations….RMEF is now the Rocky Mountain Elk and other wildlife foundation…..ignoring the fact that if they stayed true to the founders visions that it would help other wildlife too??…Don’t be fooled….Allen is a traitor to sportsmen and women just as are our fish and game agencies…

      1. Rocky Mtn. Elk Farm…
        Bounties are illegal, for one reason. Study wolves? Laughable, they “donate” to collar and kill wolves. So you agree that RMEF is not what its founders envisioned? Which is why the Murie family won’t associate with Allen.

      2. Those $50,000 “donations” by the RMEF go to management and you know what that means. In the studies I’ve seen, paid for by RMEF, wolves are not a primary cause in the lower elk populations in isolated elk herds, even in the Bitterroot but that isn’t good enough because RMEF still supports killing wolves for elk.

      3. You are an anti-wildlife terrorist and a worthless rural inbred. I hope you and your loved ones get infected with Echinococcus granulosus. Wolves will continue harvesting elk, deer, and moose year round

      4. Always trying to change the facts aren’t ya?? Here you go–read it and weep!
        The Idaho Statesman
        Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation give Idaho money to manage wolves

        Posted on September 3, 2013 by Rocky Barker

        A wolf in Montana. (Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks)

        The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation gave the Idaho Department of Fish and Game a $50,000 grant from to assist with its wolf management plan.

        The funds will expand the radio collar program to help managers gain a better understanding of pack and territory size, home range, and other biological traits and actions of the wolf in order to better implement effective management techniques.*******

        When this 50K was given, Idaho Fish and No game was known for not killing wolves….sure..a couple mortalities while collaring–Big Deal….The federal wildlife service was the only agency killing wolves (for Livestock predation and human threat)….NOBODY was killing wolves threatening our wildlife. …….lie after lie….”Elk numbers are above objectives”” “We don’t have wolf problem””….”We have 650 wolves”….Blah Blah Blah…While our herds were crashing.
        Triple that number and it may be getting close!!
        Wolves have been ‘studied’ ad nauseam!…Alaska…Canada…Russia….
        REAL biologists foretold what was going to happen and it did…..
        The 150 wolves wasn’t a number pulled out of a hat…it was the carrying capacity…yet, you nutbags sued for 10 years after the AGREED numbers were reached. It’s YOUR fault so many wolves are going to die now….Good Job!!! and although I have asked you several times….I have yet to get an answer….WHY DIDN’T/DON’T YOU CARE ABOUT OUR NATIVE WOLVES BEING DESTROYED????

      5. Elk, deer, and moose will continue to be managed by the wolves YEAR ROUND IN IDAHO. You lost you anti-wildlife terrorist. Get over it. Echinococcus granulosus IS GOING TO MANAGE WORTHLESS WOLF HUNTERS

      6. The Muries shouldn’t of tried to be part of a sportsman group, so they should stick with Western Watersheds.

      7. “a traitor”? What have you done? Are you a spokeperson for all sportsmen? The only “pro-wolf” organizations are those on facebook, twitter and youtube disguised as sportsmen’s groups.
        The one that are on the internet in name only. No involvement in the present issues of wolf control: legislation, education, etc., or even killing any wolves, just whining about it on the internet

      8. Really??? Are you THAT ignorant???…YouTwitFace’ers do not file lawsuit after lawsuit to stop management….our legislatures know us well….we went over fish and games head since they were clearly entrenched in their Non consumptive use agenda……The only time I EVER saw RMEF anywhere near a lawsuit was when Idaho was killing wolves in the Frank Church….and they merely wanted to intervene…lol..what a joke! And you think we don’t kill wolves either???….lol…My area consistently kills more wolves than anywhere else in Idaho….and we will continue to do so…..Cry about it!

      9. The wolves will continue harvesting elk, deer, and moose year round in your area. Cry about it you worthless anti-wildlife terrorist

      10. Did you hear the great news about Ken Harris daughter? hahah I am hoping Echinococcus granulosus infects many of you worthless anti-wildlife rural inbred terrorists

      11. Sportsmen are a scourge to wildlife that need to be eradicated. May all sportsmen get e granulosus

      12. Sounds like a threat , little tapeworm. Surely you don’t mean you or some other pathetic little , closet bound hunter hater would actually try to kill humans so you you can actout your dances-with-wolf-tapeworms fantasies , now fo you ? You obviously prefer animals to humans, so best wear protection when you express your affections sweetie.

  3. The Murie family remains respected. They also never made any communication with the RMEF about wolves or wolf management. Instead, it was an environmental group acting in their behalf.

    1. The Murie family respected, yes. Allen, no. If an enviro group acted on the family’s behalf then the family was involved and gave their blessing. They disagree with RMElkFarm’s stern stance on wolves.

      1. I would love to see you on an elk hunt out here even in my unit where it’s not even steep terrain. We train young hunters each year to elk hunt and they can’t believe how much work it is as they run their asses off, all season and get a shot the last weekend last year and the year before before they got one down. Stay in Michigan where you belong. Hunted the same unit for 32 years unless we were in logging camp. Hunting in Idaho has never been an “elk farm” you wouldn’t know what an elk farm was if it bit you in the a$$.

      2. Of course you don’t care what the Murie family thinks. You don’t understand integrity and ethics either. How did you ever maneuver that steep terrain with your bum hip and size? Idaho has elk farms and is turning into an elk farm which is what some of you want. Yep, infiltrated by greenies….ah the tired, old Rockholm quote there. Or did he steal it from you? For 10 years….that is some infiltration. Just more conspiracies you like to believe.

      3. lol…and you talk classless??…Make fun of a woman’s disability that worked her butt off her whole life…while your disability was caused by a fork!

      4. Way to show your true colors Krusti you ignorant slob. You are the definition of classless you stinking hypocrite. What a foul excuse for a human you are.

      5. You are the LOSER son of a registered sex offender. Wolves WILL continue harvesting elk, deer, and moose. You lose anti-wildlife terrorist

      6. Does it anger you knowing that wolves are managing the elk, deer, and
        moose ALL YEAR ROUND and knowing that you are the LOSER son of a
        registered sex offender? hahahahah

      7. Says the LOSER who is the son of a registered sex offender. You are a pathetic subhuman lil Rusty. hahaah Wolves will continue harvesting elk, deer, and moose and you will continue being the LOSER son of a sex offender. hahaha

      8. Have you seen her pictures? I mean I don’t like to “pick” on people’s looks but for someone who has been so nasty about people like she has and making fun of their health problems she is not exactly a beauty queen and as far as being in shape and size????

        What is her excuse and she doesn’t even have a bad hip. lol

      9. hahahaahah this coming from a loser who is the son of a REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER. You are classless little Rusty. You and your sex offender daddy are subhuman scum

      10. Excuse me you Miss Hater, name-caller, with a catlogue of screen shots to her name being an A$$ all over cyber-space to the good rural people of the NRM states calling them every name in the book, and sicking your psychopathic basement friends onto people to stalk them cuz your side doesn’t have the facts just lies.

        I always told you Idaho will take care of the wolf problem and this non-essential experiment was introduced with corruption and lies and people out here the rural people are straight shooters they never forget liars. You guys have destroyed the ESA, EAJA, and Conservation Biology with your Marxist greed for land aquisition and it’s not only exposed about every legislature now is school on it and the public is aware.

        The only good thing about the non-essential wolf experiment is that it will literally expose this corruption and the abuse of the ESA, and literally stop the money flow from our tax-dollars by having the EAJA act amended.

      11. Again, how do things get so twisted around in your head? Grizzly Bears was NEVER on my Facebook page…EVER. I have no idea who that person is/was. Thankfully you’ve had me blocked so how would you know who was or wasn’t posting on my page unless you had someone stalk (your word not mine) my FB page? Maybe I didn’t speak about those things because I am not friends with or know who Grizzly Bears is. You assume way too much and are confused as usual. What people like you think of how I look does not bother me one bit. Have at it if it makes you feel better. Says more about you than it does me.

      12. Wolf reintroduction was LEGAL. You lost you worthless rural anti-wildlife inbred terrorist. Wolves are managing the elk, deer, and moose YEAR ROUND IN iDAHO. You lost. Echinococcus granulosus IS GOING TO MANAGE THE WORTHLESS ANTI-WILDLIFE SPORTSMEN.

  4. Great article. You may disagree with davids views, but you cant disagre with results. Amerricas elk herd is doing better than ever.

    1. The YNP herd? nope Lolo Herd-nope MIddle fork? nope Gallatin-nope Bitterroot-nope No elk herd is doing well in wolf infested units in these wolf infested states.

      1. There are other issues in those areas affecting the elk. WY’s elk are doing especially well….45% success rate. Much of the YNP herd has migrated into MT.

      2. You are so full of shit! Wolves are the number one factor in elk decline. YNP down to less than 4000 elk from 20000. Habitat my ass. Its the wolves and thats a fact. Time to kill more wolves period!

      3. Your dad is a registered sex offender. Wolves will continue harvesting elk, deer, and moose all year round you anti-wildlife terrorist and you will continue being the LOSER son of a registered sex offender. 😉

      4. That’s elk management by the wolves you son of a sex offender. 😉 Wolves will continue harvesting elk, deer, and moose you anti-wildlife terrorist 😉

      5. Does it anger you knowing that wolves are managing the elk, deer, and moose ALL YEAR ROUND and knowing that you are the LOSER son of a registered sex offender? hahaha

      6. Your dad is a sex offender. How does it feel knowing that wolves will continue to harvest elk, deer, and moose ALL YEAR ROUND and that you will forever be known as a loser whose daddy is a sex offender? hahaah You lost you anti-wildlife terrorist hahha

      7. You ain’t killing anything lil Rusty. You are the LOSER son of a registered sex offender. Wolves will continue to harvest elk, deer, and moose ALL YEAR ROUND in Idaho. You lose you wildlife hating POS. hahahaah

      8. Guest- No fATSO, people like you are the real terrorists. You are an
        anti-wildlife terrorist and I was very happy when I heard the great news
        about your daughter.

        Who is your friend Kristy Lloyd???? This account used to be on your page as Grizzly Bears, same person. So is it Ken Cullings or your other buddy from TN?? Which basement troll glories in the death of a person’s child, and you support this person and their actions.

      9. Krusty, stop posting this crap about how great Wyoming hunting was. Our Game and Fish put out around 2,500 extra Elk tags to kill of the Elk these worthless mutts pushed down onto the farm ground. I can wait until Wyo lets us kill hundreds of these mutts

      10. 25,000 elk taken by hunters in WY with 3 elk tags/hunter in the Cody area…yep,that’s some crap, from WG&F. Near record harvest, only one year was better and that was even after the reintroduction. Some decimation those wolves are causing. Sounds like someone didn’t get the elk he thinks he’s entitled to.
        How are those donations doing for that “non-profit” SWW? Funny there is no documentation about a non-profit based in Sandpoint, ID or anywhere else in Idaho called Save Western Wildlife. Just what do those donations go toward?

      11. Hey redneck, I hope your loved ones get Echinococcus granulosus you wildlife hating terrorist coward.

      12. the wolves WILL continue harvesting the elk, deer, and moose YEAR ROUND you worthless anti-wildlife terrorist inbred coward.

      13. Get over it you worthless rural anti-wildlife terrrorist. Elk, deer, and moose WILL forever be managed by the wolves in Idaho and hopefully, the anti-wildlife sportsmen are managed by Echinococcus granulosus

  5. Where was RMEF when the wolves were introduced? WHY did RMEF join IDFG in there summit a few years ago, because they sold out all sportsmen. As far as I am concerned and most Idaho sportsmen. I don’t believe in RMEF as they are also friendly with IFW who also sold out sportsmen. RMEF is almost as bad as a NGO.

    1. who cares? Can the past be changed? Move forward. Kill some wolves.
      Why didn’t you go to that summit and stand up for Idaho sportsmen against the enviros and the IDFG instead of sitting back & whining about it? IFW was the only organization doing that. You should be grateful.

      1. Obviously…this issue is WAY over your head!!!…Again…..You have no idea what you are talking about! IFW jumped in bed with fish and game on the summit…and Save Western Wildlife member WERE protesting— All three days….IFW bailed after the first day…

      2. Save Western Wildlife was the ONLY sportsman group that called out the Idaho Fish and Game and refused to collaborate! The collaboration process using the Delphi Technique is not Constitutional or legal, as it destroys our representation as a Republic.

        We live in a Representative Republic not a Participatory Democracy based on “mob-rule.” The only form of meeting that would be appropriate is to declare the Roberts Rules of Orders at a meeting like this as collaboration is designed to create “consensus” which is “group-think.” This technique has been used by Marxists for almost 100 years, and USFWS and Idaho Fish and Game Agency employees actually got training to prepare for this meeting from the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agency to create consensus for a “non-consumptive” ENGO take over by ignoring Idaho voting citizens rights!

        ENGO’s are not the owners of Idaho’s wildlife, Idaho citizens are.

        Instead of participating in consensus Save Western Wildlife took the Conservative Constitutional position and boy-cotted the Summit, as sportsmen realize we can’t meet at the table with our enemies, and will NEVER trust the non-consumptive users or their organizations. ENGO’s don’t have any “stake” in our wildlife.

      3. It was awesome being able to participate in that, very enlightening. What was really nice was that there wasn’t any animosity at the Summit, people talked to each other nicely and politely and many Idahoans didn’t want their money being used to kill wildlife. It’s probably a good thing that SWW wasn’t there because they would have ruined it for everyone there.

    2. You Sportsmen are anti-wildlife terrorists and you’re a small minority. Go on a diet you fatso. How’s ya daughter?

      1. I am very passionate about wildlife conservation, You don’t know me so don’t make it personel.
        Wolf introduction is about the money and control of rural America, RMEF has not figured that out and there for they just throw money at the problem in hopes it will go away. Why doesn’t RMEF get involved and fight the game departments, get involved and work to get the right people elected to positions that will help us fight the problem. RMEF does non of those things they play up to the game departments.
        In Idaho we have a candidate running for governor who will make the necessary changes to limit wolf population and make the changes in F&G department to help or wild game herds and STOP the NGOs who are the real terriosts.

      2. No fATSO, people like you are the real terrorists. You are an anti-wildlife terrorist and I was very happy when I heard the great news about your daughter.

      3. Oh, it so sounds like Kenny Cullings from CA, nice to wish death on people’s kids you pycho

      4. They’re redneck kids. Who cares? I am glad to say that I was very happy when I heard the news about Ken harris daughter and Larry Rivera’s son. I say good riddance to them worthless anti-wildlife rednecks.

      5. No you ain’t fatty. You passionate about killing wildlife. That is why people call you sportsmen anti-wildlife terrorists

      6. IF being passionate about saving what is left of Idaho’s wild life makes me a anti-wildlife terrorist then I guess I am proud to stand with many more Idaho citizens and sportsmen from all over to fight against the wolf onslaught, and the NGO’s who seek to destroy our way of life, and our liberty.

      7. I think you, Russel Morgan and others have enough information on this disqus acct. to file a sheriff’s report and get the actual IP address handed over so you can file criminal stalking charges, harrasment under the cruelty laws, and Russel Morgan can get libel charges this person needs to be accountable and identified.

        The account is a person that doesn’t work as their posts are 24-7-365 and they are associated with the Kristy Lloyd -Ken Cullings Ring as she was friends with Grizzly Bears and the other stalker, as a group of our sportsmen infiltrated her acct and took screen-shots she knows who this person is.

      8. You’re nuts whoever this Guest is. Sounds like Chandie, even spells my name wrong like she does even though it’s right in front of her on the screen. Infiltrating is one of her favorite words. Grizzly Bears was NEVER on my page. Show those screen shots, “Guest”.

  6. Since David Allen has been at the helm of RMEF, we are seeing this organization being progressive and pro-active in addressing predator issues. No other sportsmen’s’ organization has done as much.
    Too bad the haters and whiners on here choose to live in the past. They want continue to blame & harp on the behavior of the RMEF from 10 years ago; something Mr. Allen cannot change and had nothing to do with.
    Get over it. Acknowledge what RMEF is doing NOW and go out and kill some wolves instead of whining.

    1. SAMMY, You have your facts wrong about IFW Steve Alder went there but only stayed 1/2 day and Billijo Beck stayed 1 day before they left and never went back. MY point is Idaho sportsmen should never htave taken part in the summit because the outcome was predetermined by IDFG and the NGOs and they tried to ram it down out throats.I don’t believe RMEF has changed NO MATTER what David Allen says, I believe as do many others RMEF is in bed with IDFG and other agencies in other states. I don’t see anything about RMEF that makes me change my point of view as to they are helping eliminate wolves in any state.

      1. How’s your daughter fatso? Wolves are back and they will manage the elk, deer, and moose from here on our. You got it you anti-wildlife FATSo?

    2. He has had 7 years and has done very little but promote elk as a prey base for wolves…….. “”””Over the past decade, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has contributed $400,000 to study wolves.””” ( although there is this)…”””” In addition to this spring’s $51,000 donation to U.S. Wildlife Services for radio collars and depredation kills in Montana, the foundation contributed $41,600 to study elk calf mortality in the Bitterroot Valley in 2012″””……(again STUDY elk calf deaths but contribute a piddle amount to kill wolves)….. “””We are interested in expanding the predator-ungulate relationships on the landscape””” “””“From our perspective, they’re the only sportsman’s organization that year-in, year-out, has contributed to our elk-wolf research that’s been going on since 2005,” said Idaho Fish and Game assistant wildlife bureau chief Brad Compton.””” Don’t tell us to go kill wolves-Tell THEM!!!

      1. You rural inbred. Wolves will continue managing elk, deer, and moose year round you wildlife hating terrorist. May your loved ones get

        Echinococcus granulosus

    3. Hunters need to be eradicated. If hunters are eradicated, wildlife would be so much better off. harvest a wolf hunter, save a wolf

  7. Well done David Allen. Onward and upward. I truly appreciate all you have done for conservation as well as the ranching community who are also true conservationists. The “Murie” family was into power and control via $$ and they lost. Good riddance. This organization has been “reborn” and I appreciate them truly. Those that don’t play well with others can sit on the side lines and pout. We will get it done for the good of ALL outdoorsman.

    1. ranchers are not conservationists you ignorant rural inbred. You and your wacko hubby are the most famous anti-wolf extremists in Oregon.

    2. You’ll get what done???….
      Playing with NGO’s??
      Collaring more cattle for more wolf studies??
      Feeding & Breeding more wolves???
      Selling out ALL real ranchers with a backbone to fight??

      1. Why are you attacking ranchers? Whose side are you on?
        Define “real ranchers” since you are not one and have never had any livestock/financial losses to wolves. Until you can put your money where your mouth is, stfu and go kill some wolves.

      2. how many wolves have you killed? What about Rockholm? after all hes got his own pack lurking in his backyard, but cant seem to shoot any. Odd. When is that blockbuster youtube video coming out, Ghost’s of the Rocky’s, the one with the old video clips of wolves supposedly attacking 90 elk from years ago? thought that was last fall? won’t happen. What about the Save Western Wildlife Antiwolf Billboard, like the ones RMEF put up? didn’t see em. When is the Save Western Wildlife Wolf Derby? the one that was supposed to happen after IFW had theirs? musta missed it. Save Western Wildlife is a fraud and a flop. wake up and Read the story about the Little Boy that Cried Wolf.

      3. Why have a derby they don’t kill wolves haha grow up. You sure seem to be concerned with what we think and know as you keep coming back with the diff disqus names but under the same acct. Bad part about making sportsmen mad you aren’t impressing the owners of blogs either.

        Problem with you is people that own these forums want to bust you as bad as we do so keep posting please, you just help our cause with your over-the top unhinged comments.

  8. Actually David Allen is trying to turn the RMEF around. I would like to know why they won’t help fund Robert Fanning’s law suit. You can save all the habitat in the world but that is not going to create new hunters, having predator control to build up our big game herds is going to create new hunters. If there is big game there will be hunters. We’re running out of time. I also am disappointed in things I heard about one of the original “four” creators of this organization regarding comments that they would never be hard on wolves, as it would effect their son’s job on some sportsmen show.

    When RMEF quits being afraid to fight the ENGO’s then it will be the most important group. Right now no group out there is willing to sue the USFWS and ENGO’s or has the standing but Friends of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd and Save Western Wildlife that also holds the Robert Fanning Case, the only case that has “standing.”

    All we need are funds and no group not even RMEF will help us out with it. So more elk are being inhaled by these wolves.

    1. I talked with some old time supporters of RMEF yesterday…..the lady said they were done with their yearly $500-$1000 donations ….The ol’ guy said “They went Hollywood on us”.(as they showed me pics of 5 more dead wolves in the Panhandle) What bothers me is RMEF didn’t hire a commited traditional wildlife conservationist…He didn’t choose to pursue that field….they hired a marketer….It didn’t take a genius to figure out why they were losing money….and Mr Allen is merely chasing more of it now……After Allen pulled that crap with the letter, it just further cements my view of him.

      1. When RMEF hired Dr. Jim Peek that is when things went south a Conservation Biologist, pro-wolf, and involved heavily in wolf introduction in Idaho and a supporter of DOW who writes articles for them as a Ph.d to support the silly idea that wolves are healthy to ecosystems.

        David Allen is a hunter more of a person that would understand the North American Model of Hunting/ as Conservation biology is not an area that can be accepted as Science, as it is not Traditional Biology/Science.

        I do think Allen needs to meet other sportsmen groups and quit taking advise from one, and you know who was behind that silly screenshot. That was bad counsel for David Allen all the way around as Robert Fanning is considered an icon and has the only case in the box, filed with legal standing to SUE!

      2. No one cares about your view of him. RMEF is the only sportsmen’s group actually doing anything about the wolf problem besides IFW. Save western Wildlife hasn’t done a single thing except sit on the internet,complain, ask for money, and live in the past. They are way behind the times and aren’t even in the same league as RMEF.

  9. It appears that Brandy Shale Davis and Kristi Lloyd are sisters cut from the same cloth!! They probably BOTH are paid shills for the SAME NGO ( or as Ms. Bartells says “ENGO” ) they appear on every article pertaining to wildlife and or ranching and proceed to spew hate and filth – drawing attention away from the real purpose of the article in question. Why – just look at Ms. Davis’ acct… she NEGATIVELY comments on well over half of the articles on this site alone! It often times appears she can’t hit the “”””””””” key fast enough! What a huge liability for your combined organization you are – Childish -YES! No wonder RMEF does not listen to the likes of this crap -WHY in the hell would they help financially the Fanning lawsuit… there are plenty of fraudulent charges to his name also! However – for a brief moment – this “thread” was entertaining. See you in the funny papers “ladies” “””””””””” carry on!!

    1. Right where did you get that information Fanning has fraudulent charges from IFW BS links and propaganda war against him?

      1. Oh, it will go somewhere. SWW has been asked to educate about this issue in a forum that will hit a world-wide audience. I can’t publish that information yet but it is final, SWW is going to take the facts about the wolf issue and it will be available Nationally on major media networks.

        Your side built the wolf experiment on LIES, corruption, fraudulent Conservation Biology, and stealing of monies.

        The truth always comes out, and nobody not even people that support wolves will support a non-essential government lie.

      2. It’s going nowhere you rural lunatic. SWW is a joke of an organization. Rockholm is an extremist that needs to be put in a mental asylum. hahaha

      3. Good try hacking my acct and stealing my post. I have copies of this entire thread and my account shows I made this post. I only know one vile hacker/ stalker that spends 24-7-365 on a computer with this type of capabilities and that is Gary Wilson from TN. I believe you are either him or Ken Cullings.

        Because I have a pending report with the Latah County Sheriff’s office, I copied this entire thread. I know what I posted and what I didn’t and I have my account records for proof I made this post.

        Who’s paying you guys HSUS or WWP? You make me sick

      4. what about Fannings campaign fraud lawsuit? all public info. Google it. Post that on Save western Wildlife. Stealing money from his own campaign fund.

      5. You believe that? That is hilarious. Liberals are known for making up lies about issues like that only a liberal would take that information that was created by a Democratic political group to discredit Bob would take that information and use it.

      6. Hey moron, we hired a private detective. We know for a FACT that Russell’s daddy is a registered sex offender. You conservatives are worthless parasites.

      7. Yeah. Hilarious.
        And public record. Look it up.

        On April 23, 2013, the state of MT provided the following public report claiming the following:

        “There is sufficient evidence to conclude that Robert T. Fanning and the Fanning for Governor 2012 campaign violated Montana campaign financial reporting and disclosure laws, and that a civil penalty under Mon. Code Ann. 12-37-128 is warranted. This came from James W. Murry, Commissioner of Political practices.

      8. Try harder, I prefer to get the report from Robert Fanning and it looks like we will as IFW has posted this. I had Bob Ferris write an article about me but it was 100% fiction no wonder you guys are so dumb you believe everything on the internet, without on the boot knowledge..

        Again what does that have to do with the article ^^^^^^^

  10. Why is this page allowing attacks from a person that is friends and supported by Kristy Lloyd of Michigan and who works for Wolves of the Rockies. This person by the acct: Guest sends congratulations letters to sportsmen’s who’s children have tragically died, makes up false reports about people, and glories in their cowardly anonymity.

    I believe Guest is Ken Cullings from California or his other friend from TN as they are always with Kristy Lloyd and the three have a cyber history of trolling together on sites.

    Guest- Your dad is a sex offender. How does it feel knowing that wolves will
    continue to harvest elk, deer, and moose ALL YEAR ROUND and that you
    will forever be known as a loser whose daddy is a sex offender? hahaah
    You lost you anti-wildlife terrorist hahha

    1. Posting the FACTS about someone isn’t liberal sweetheart. You need to better educate yourself you worthless rural inbred.

      1. What you are doing is criminal and you know it. The fact Kristy Lloyd as a representative of the Wolves of the Rockies, Ken Cullings a Ph.d professor both members of Ralph Maughan’s Wildlife News who is on the Board of Directors of Western Watersheds, and friends of former IDFG employees such as Carter Niemeyer and Ted Chu and friends with them on facebook now, support you is not helping your cause, but has helped “ours” immensely to show the connections of ENGO’s and operatives in IDFG to our legislatures and IDFG Commissioners.

        What you are doing is criminal and you know it. If you thought you were doing was legitimate and legal, and morally right you wouldn’t be posting under an anonymous profile.

      2. Wrong inbred. I am posting the FACTS about your sick buddy lil Rusty. ALL FACTS. Lil Rusty knows I AM RIGHT. HE CAN’T hide the facts about his daddy. You rednecks are subhuman.

      3. That was my post ^^^^ and this person took my name off and put there name on it. Geeze are you guys that afraid of losing this wolf issue you have to sink into hacking people’s accts?

      4. Whoever wrote that post above under Guest is truly f’ed in the head. People who post comments on a blog are not necessarily members of WWP. Posting does not make a person a member. Geezus, the rest is so crazy it’s not even worth to try to address.
        I think somebody got her wires crossed….

      5. What does an offender with the last name of Russell Morgan have to do with this issue? Only person that ever called me rural inbred was GW. He also made up an acct like this to attack Russel Morgan. What you are doing is criminal and you know it

      6. You don’t seem to get it you stupid inbred. We KNOW for a FACT who is father is. We have EVIDENCE.

      7. hey guest aka DORK – do you know the diff. between liberal (your word) and LIBEL…? My My – aren’t you the smart one

  11. Dennis Baxter


    10 minutes ago

    Krusty, stop posting this crap about how great Wyoming hunting was.
    Our Game and Fish put out around 2,500 extra Elk tags to kill of the Elk
    these worthless mutts pushed down onto the farm ground. I can wait
    until Wyo lets us kill hundreds of these mutts

    1. That is my post Ken Cullings or Gary Wilson. Which one of you did this? One good thing about having an account it keeps records of which posts I’ve made.

  12. I want everybody to pay close attention to this thread. I made the post below, where Dennis Baxter told Kristy Lloyd to quit posting her garbage about the Wyoming elk that she googles.

    That is my post.

    Guest who I believe is Ken Cullings a Ph.d professor from CA Berkely, that claimed to work for NASA and has worked he “claims” for the YNP, and has a history of posting his hate towards ranchers and hunters, or his other twin Gary Wilson from TN who I had to report to my Latah County Sheriff’s Department for stalking. All I have to do is activate my report into an official police record is document one more case of cyber stalking online by him.

    So which one of you guys is it? Now here is the other problem your third side-kick, I can involve her as an accomplice as she is always posting with Guest/Evan Morgan alias account. I think Russel Morgan has a category #3 case and so does Ken Harris and Larry Rivera, to press charges and find out who this person really is, one of the two above ^^^^^^ Kristy Lloyd knows…..or another one of their friends

    Either way a cyber forensic investigation should be conducted to put this to a stop.

    Also who is the admin and owner of this page?

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