9 Priceless Hunting Reactions That Will Make You Smile


For many sportsmen and women, few trips are more memorable than the ones that introduce a new hunter to what “buck fever” really means. Remember the excitement of getting your first deer, your first successful waterfowl excursion, or even stalking a bull moose in the wilds of Canada? Nothing captures the roller coaster of emotion that follows that first shot better than recording it on camera, and a little bit of that unadulterated joy shows through in the videos embedded below.

Be prepared to pop a few grins as you smile along with these new hunters as they discover a newfound passion. And remember, if you can get a child off the couch to go hunting, there’s no time like the present. Introducing kids to hunting not only instills a love of the outdoors, but it also preserves America’s hunting heritage and helps to conserve the wildlife we care about.

1. A daughter’s first bowhunt


2. This young hunter’s buck

3. A seven-year-old’s muzzleloader kill

4. This young huntress’ first buck

5. An Iowa buck-by-bow

6. Phoning home

Even if they don’t take the shot themselves, young hunters are never too young to learn. Or to call home to mommy about the big deer that daddy shot.

7. Another whitetail-by-bow

And priceless reactions are not limited to only children. Even adults hunting for the first time can feel the exhilaration of a successful harvest.

8. A rifle first-timer

9. Everyone feels it

Of course, veteran hunters are also no exception to displays of emotion after a long and arduous hunt. Here, Heartland Bowhunter‘s Skyler takes his first bull moose, and he just can’t believe it.

Can you think of any we missed? Share ’em with us below.

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