More than ever before, the ranks of hunters in the United States are being swelled by women. So it should come as little surprise that many of the ladies you may be familiar with both in Hollywood and Billboard Top 100 are already hunters themselves.

Surveys have shown that the number of women hunters has climbed steadily since the 1980s, but truly began to boom over in just the last few years. Below are seven female celebrities you may not have known were hunters. Some of them have been quite vocal about their support for the activity, while others have taken a vow of silence over the “controversy” that their hunting has caused.

1. Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria appearing at the Alma Awards in 2012. Image courtesy MyCanon on Wikimedia.
Eva Longoria appearing at the Alma Awards in 2012. Image from user MyCanon on Wikimedia.

Raised on a ranch in Corpus Christi, Texas, it was only natural for Longoria to learn how to hunt and fish. According to People Magazine, this actress began handling firearms as young as age four and was soon after chasing after deer, turkey, quail, wild pigs, and just about anything else that can be hunted in Texas. For her love of hunting, Longoria was put on PETA’s “Worst-dressed” celebrities list of 2008 and sharply criticized for her knowledge of how to field-dress game.

“We didn’t do it for cruelty,” she later told Digital Spy. “That’s how we had dinner! We skinned our dinner.”

Longoria is now a successful actress, producer, activist, and businesswoman. She is perhaps best known for her role on the TV show Desperate Housewives and films such as The Sentinel.

2. Madonna (Madonna Louise Ciccone)

Madonna performing live during the MDNA tour. Image from user IndianBio on the Wikimedia Commons.
Madonna performing live during the MDNA tour. Image from user IndianBio on the Wikimedia Commons.

The Queen of Pop needs no introduction. Guinness World Records currently recognizes the singer-songwriter as the best-selling female recording artist of all time, yet few may know that Madonna spends some of her free time hunting pheasants. In fact, the Michigan native once held pheasant hunts near her estate when she was married to Guy Ritchie, who was also known for being an avid sportsman. That quickly stopped after an outcry from animal rights groups.

3. Eliza Dushku

Eliza Dushku at the 2009 Comic Con in San Diego. Image from user IndianBio on the Wikimedia Commons.
Eliza Dushku at the 2009 Comic Con in San Diego. Image from user IndianBio on the Wikimedia Commons.

You may recognize this actress from her roles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse, or True Lies. Dushku may be most notable for her activism, especially when it comes to helping former child soldiers readjust to a normal life, but she is also an avid elk hunter. However, she has vowed to never speak about the activity again after animal rights activists reportedly compared her to Jeffrey Dahmer and called her a “serial killer” of animals.

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4. Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne during her promotional tour for Under My Skin in Vancouver. Image from user Zhi on the Wikimedia Commons.
Avril Lavigne during her promotional tour for Under My Skin in Vancouver. Image from user Zhi on the Wikimedia Commons.

This singer-songwriter was raised near the small town of Napanee in Ontario, and may owe her fame in part to hunting. According to Entertainment Weekly, the fact that she hunted and loved to do so—at 14—is part of why her first manager decided to take a chance on her.

”When I first saw her, I liked her voice, and obviously the looks,” Cliff Fabri told EW. “But it was the attitude. She goes hunting all the time with her brother and dad.”

5. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss focusing on a deer hunt. Screenshot of video from mediaaccess from YouTube.
Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss focusing on a deer hunt. Screenshot of video from mediaaccess from YouTube.

After the release of The Hunger Games, you must have wondered if this actress ever did a little bit of hunting on her own. As it turned out, she does. In fact, Lawrence was trained by none other than five-time US Olympic archer Khatuna Lorig and her favorite game is actually squirrel. While she may not have the pinpoint aim of Katness Everdeen, her character in The Hunger Games, Lorig said that Lawrence was an easy student to teach and has a good eye.

You can see a video of Lawrence hunting deer on the big screen below:

6. Kate Middleton (Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge)

Kate Middleton is the wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, who is second-in-line for crown. Image from user Surtsicna on the Wikimedia Commons.
Kate Middleton is the wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, who is second-in-line for crown. Image from user Surtsicna on the Wikimedia Commons.

As part of the British Royal Family, Middleton is certainly expected to hunt. The Duchess of Cambridge broke her teeth on the royal hunting traditions when she accompanied members of the family for a hunt in the Scottish Highlands several years ago. The British press quickly pounced on the news and organizations like PETA were as equally quick to criticize her participation.

“Kate is obviously trying to endear herself to the Royal Family, which is absolutely appalling,” PETA’s Yvonne Taylor told the Daily Mail.

That did not stop Middleton from attending more hunts, especially for pheasants.

7. Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert performing in Dallas, Texas in 2007. Image from user Lukelambert on the Wikimedia Commons.
Miranda Lambert performing in Dallas, Texas in 2007. Image from user Lukelambert on the Wikimedia Commons.

This country music star has hardly made a secret of her hunting, especially when her husband Blake Shelton is involved. Lambert has appeared in both outdoors television and print, and even served venison that she harvested herself at her wedding.

Have we missed anybody? Let us know in the comments.

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124 thoughts on “7 Female Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Hunters

      1. If you don’t even know different between kills for need and kills for fun then you’re all idiots

      2. And why do you feel the NEED to troll a year old forum?

        Vegans and vegetarians make a lot of unsupported moral equivalencies. Plants are in fact living, breathing, reproducing, and evolving species. A vegan must kill them in VAST numbers in order to survive. Omnivores and carnivores in point of fact, take a LOT less lives.

        It’s all about how one perceives various differences in nervous systems, and the moral equivalencies we falsely apply to justify the fact that we ALL must kill to survive. The only real difference is the Disney-like levels of anthropomorphism that some apply to other species.

        We are born as carnivores… you are merely denying your true nature. You are subsisting in a delusional fantasy and making unsupportable moral equivalencies.

      3. “Vegans and vegetarians make a lot of unsupported moral equivalencies.”

        Compares killing animals to killing plants in the very next sentence.


      4. actually, M40, we are not carnivores, we are OMNIVORES! Our teeth and jaw are so designed to feed on meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts. and seeds, but not hard woody plant material. Our stomachs are designed to digest all of those materials and the probiotics in our gut are designed for digesting all of it. Whereas a true carnivore is unable to digest most plant material, and vegetarians are unable to process meats.

      5. Mankind has adapted to become somewhat omnivorous, but we are in NO way designed or evolved to process plants. The select plant bits we have adapted to our diets can in fact be eaten by MOST carnivores. Other carnivores can and DO eat many of the same VERY select bits of plant matter. Again… less than 5% of all plant matter is in any way useful or beneficial to a human (or dog, or wolf, or bear, or hawk).

        Most of the carnivores I’ve listed DO in fact snack on choice bits of plant matter. That doesn’t really make them “omnivores”. Like all of the complex-brained species on earth, we thrive on a protein rich diet. Look at pretty much any intelligent species, and you’ll typically find plenty of meat (or even insects) in their diet.

        The elephant is perhaps the only intelligent species that somehow gets enough protein by eating primarily plants… but it has an ENORMOUS digestive system, and eats between 300 and 400 pounds of food per day in order to do this.

      6. It’s time you go back for a refresher in basic biology, specifically human physiology. We humans are not in anyway similar to cats, dogs, or hawks, which are carnivores. Bears on the other hand are also omnivores and feed on meats mostly as opportunists or seasonally. Our dietary systems are not designed to subsist on meat alone. But you can believe as you wish, you obviously are an expert in your own mind! And by the way, I am a biologist!

      7. I was about to respond with counterpoints, but then I perused your Disqus history (I just like to know who I’m dealing with). I suddenly realized that you are a racist troll who spouts lunatic fringe conspiracy tripe all over the net. I’m dealing with a guy…

        – who doesn’t believe there are satellites in space.
        – who thinks the EARTH IS FLAT and is the center of the universe.
        – who thinks a “New World Order” secretly runs everything.
        – who thinks biblical armageddon prophecy is happening today.
        – who thinks all elections have been rigged for the last 50 years.
        – who thinks all law enforcement is an “extortion racket”.
        – who thinks that smoking pot cures cancer.
        – who thinks dental fillings are poisoning us.
        – who has tin foil covering all his electronics.
        – and now you’re posing as a “biologist”… but you don’t believe in evolution?

        You alternately claim to have been military intelligence, or a green beret, or a historian, or a biologist, or a legal expert, or a farmer… or pretty much any other area of expertise that supports whatever lunacy you’re spouting at the moment.

        In almost every Disqus post, you call everyone else “idiots”. Ever notice that the loudest guy in a crowd who calls everyone “idiots”… is usually the only idiot in the bunch?

      8. What it shows is that your lack reading comprehension. There is a big difference between questioning claims and believing them. My comments often question other individuals as a way to establish their way of thinking. You have shown yours quite clearly as one who believes everything that government has force fed the American people. It’s also obvious that you seem to think that no one has the ability to wear several hats. That it’s somehow impossible for an individual to have in depth knowledge of multiple subjects, or that they haven’t transitioned through more than one career path. You truly are a single-minded moron!

        Evolution? NO I don’t believe in evolution. Evolution is the religion of the ignorant. NOT ONE CLAIM of evolution has ever been proven, in fact most have been disproved and proved to be concocted. There is a distinct difference between claimed evolution and adaptation/mutation or hybridization. But you don’t have enough cells in your head to grasp the details.

        And your ultimate ignorance is shown by you believing that there is not a group of elitists that are pulling the strings. Are you really that naive? Of course you are.

      9. You are made of meat too.

        Not everyone believes in a god who would instill, emotion, love of young, sentience and joy of life in a being and then say it is okay to harm abuse and be cruel to them. That would not be a benevolent god. Meat and dairy eating are causing so much suffering and damage to the animals, the environment , resources, your health , the wildlife .

        You can be glib and uncaring, you obviously are one of those people. I am however grateful for those who actually do care and practice being compassionate and conscious of their choices.

      10. Of course I’m made of meat, and I’d be a nice snack for any carnivore that can take me down. So are all carnivorous animals somehow abusive and cruel in your mind? Is the lion evil when it takes a gazelle?

        Whether you like it or not, you were designed to be primarily carnivorous. Your digestive system bears almost no resemblance to any herbivore on earth, yet it’s identical to almost every carnivore. You have stereoscopic vision to aid in your hunt, and teeth designed to tear meat. You can process and digest most of the critters on earth, yet MOST of earth’s plants will kill you, make you ill, or provide you no nutritive value. In fact, there’s only about 5% of all plant matter on earth that will do you any good whatsoever. This is because true herbivores can process cellulose. You cannot, because you were born to hunt and to eat meat. So make all the moral equivalencies you like… you’re merely denying your true nature.

      11. Don’t be ridiculous, I am fine with true nature taking its course.

        And you are wrong, your gut is that of an herbivore , people have to cook meat to be able to digest it. If you are a carnivore , go run down your meat with what you were born with and eat it raw like true carnivores do. People are so brainwashed, they think calves milk is theirs too.
        Killing for fun , greed ,ego, sexual perversion is all hunting is, thugs who take out their aggressions on animals that can’t fight back.

        My true nature is to eat as a vegan, I feel better, maintain my weight so easily, have more energy and am at peace with not paying to support violence on animals, the massive wildlife killing that is done for the meat industry and all the other damage that goes with it.

        Eating rotting body parts treated to stay pink , calling body fluid “juice” and knowing by reducing millions of animals to what you call “food” keeps animal cruelty laws lean and toothless.

        No, my true nature is how I live, ethically and doing the least harm I can. It is greed and gluttony that drives meat/dairy eating , nothing more. Dairy actually leaches the calcium out of your bones, because you are not a cow.

        Even if it was healthy food, which they are not by any stretch, I would not touch any of it ever again. The price is way too high. Speaking of that the meat and dairy industries are subsidized three times more than any other industries…..

        My quality of life is so much better now that I eat a plant based diet. I won’t participate to animal cruelty or violence against them for my own selfish reasons , and that is all hunting and consuming flesh is – selfish.

      12. Maybe you ARE built like an herbivore! In fact, you look like the type that might have a few extra stomachs. Chew much cud lately? When did you master the art of breaking down cellulose?

        Perhaps you see all death in nature as cruelty… or as you stated, “fun, greed, ego, sexual perversion”. That description has the ring of some deep seated mental problems. You should seek help. You seem to have some issues and fears stemming from the concept of mortality.

        You also have some really distorted ideas about the natural world, and the food chain in particular. You seem to think that you’re perched on some high moral pulpit because you consume flora instead of fauna. Newsflash… you’re wallowing in denial. You were built to eat meat.

        Note: Humans CAN still process raw meat, though we’ve lost many of our inherent immunities to the contagions that live therein. We also learned that we can utilize even more proteins when we cook it.

      13. You are made of the same so called “juicy delicious meat”. With your logic we can try bbqing your grandmother, its called hairless pig (human meat) or try to evolve. I love the GOD argument its so pathetic. I just came to see who the violent women are, now i must leave i feel myself regressing just reading the comments. ugh

      14. You can’t “try to evolve” out of being a carnivore, dumbass. Evolution takes place over hundreds, or thousands of generations. Try all you like, but you were born a carnivore. No amount of pretending otherwise will change that fact. Almost all meat on the planet is edible, digestible and nutritive to your system, whereas MOST plants will harm you, and/or provide no nutritive value.

        Only about 5% of the plants on earth are in any way beneficial to you… because you’re a member of a carnivorous species. Your digestive tract bears absolutely ZERO resemblance to any herbivore on the planet, yet it’s identical to that of all the other predators. So keep pretending, and keep anthropomorphizing the animals. It all reeks of some deep seated mental issues.

      15. Actually the human body is not even designed to be a meat eater..even our teeth are designed for eating veggies! What we humans were supposed to be doing is protecting and being caregivers to all animals on this planet. Humans are not the superior species!!

      16. You are truly clueless. Your teeth bear no resemblance to those of the herbivores, yet are amazingly similar to most carnivores. Your stereoscopic eyes and ears are those of a predator.

        Likewise, your digestive system is identical to every other carnivore on the planet. This is why you CANNOT process cellulose. In fact, you can only process about 5% of the plant matter on earth, while the rest will kill you, make you sick, or give you no sustenance whatsoever. In stark comparison, you can process, digest and get sustenance from MOST of the living species on the planet. Is this a coincidence?

        Finally, if I were using YOU as the example, then no… not a “superior species”. You can feel free to relegate yourself to the role of animal “caregiver” (sounds like you have some pets that you are entirely too close with…creepy).

      17. You have just proven several of my colleagues theories that animal abuse and human abuse walk hand in hand! You are nothing more than an abuser!!

      18. So by your “logic”… the lion is an “abuser” when it takes a gazelle? Wolves are “abusers” when they take caribou? The hawk is an “abuser” when it takes a rabbit? Are you serious?

      1. lols you’re a special kind of stupid… Now you shut up and go make you’re superior a turkey sandwich.

  1. i love it when People Eat Tasty Animals and i think celebrities should come forward if they hunt, they would have a lot more fans supporting them then they realize!

  2. Some famous and not so famous hunters don’t need any liberial b.s. verbal attacks. The ignorant will never have a clue. Too bad though.

    1. All of these celebrities are libturds. They support everything that is anti-conservative. Saying they are hunters and support hunting is like saying that libturds that carry a concealed weapon support the 2nd amendment, they don’t, they are just hypocrites!

  3. I think these women are disgusting. They are not my heroines, as I look up to people who exhibit wholeness and who don’t buy into the stone age principles of dominance and prowess at killing. Not everyone eats flesh, including many hunters and trappers, who prefer to kill for the “recreational value” and thrill of it and who never consume the mountain lion, coyote, wolf, bear, bobcat, etc., that they torture and kill.

    1. Then throw away All your leather shoes, purses, belts, furniture, lipstick, makeup….otherwise, you are a hypocrite. Hunters are the great stewards of natural habitat. Hunter fees have saved more lands for habitat than you’d ever dreamed. Troll.

      1. Good point, SgtDoodle. I was challenged by a hunter to give up meat decades ago, as he pointed out that I was simply allowing others to kill for me. I recognized the accuracy of his argument and have acted accordingly. Similar story for leather, fur, and all other animal products. Neither animal flesh nor animal products are in any way essential for a good life.

        In terms of hunters being the “real” conservationists, I disagree. Hunters and trappers are the reason that conservation efforts were necessary in the first place and continue to be necessary. The small percentage of people in this country who hunt don’t even support the state and federal programs necessary to maintain their recreational killing “sport”, much less actual beneficial wildlife programs.

      2. As usual, an anti-gun, anti-hunter is cherry picking the facts in order to suit his position. The reason conservation became necessary was largely do to loss of habitat to agricultural demands, urban encroachment, road building through wilderness areas that divided and isolated groups of animals and prevented their historical breeding patterns which weakened the gene pool in many species. The human demand for power disrupted the western river systems with dams, preventing fish from returning to their spawning grounds. In areas where hunting has declined due to onerous restriction, the loss of revenue from licenses, use fees, etc, has resulted to severe cutbacks in wildlife management and preservation programs. A number of these are now almost totally supported and sponsored by various hunting organizations. As,non-hunting sport shooter, every time people like myself buy ammunition, or a new gun, we pay a hefty Federal and state excise tax, much of which goes toward conservation. If the time ever comes when people stop hunting predators like coyotes, prarie dogs, and even wolves in some areas, the damage to livestock and crop lands will cause the cost of food to skyrocket. There is currently so much damage being done to crop land, and so much loss of crops by wild pigs, that it would make a locust swarm seem welcome by comparison. It’s only those Neanderthal, knuckle-dragging, blood-lusted hunters that are even making a dent in keeping this scourge in check. Reputable researchers have determined that the population of certain species that comprise the most popular game animals, now exceed what it was when the the hunting was done for the first Thanksgiving dinner.

      3. No, market hunting was the reason for conservation practices. Sport
        hunting kills excess animals that would over populate the area causing
        damage to not only their own habitats but also ours. Market hunting
        runs through the excess and into the breeding stock. Market hunting was
        done away with before 1900 in this country (legally). All the money
        brought into Federal Fish and Wildlife, as well as the state Departments
        of Natural Resources (your state may have a different name, but the
        same system) is from licenses for hunting and fishing, and an excise tax
        placed upon hunting and fishing equipment (Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act 1937). All these thing where lobbied for by sport hunters who saw what was happening with our wildlife populations.

        Not only that, but groups like Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, etc, raise money to purchase and maintain lands for habitat for wildlife. As SgtDoodie said, hunters are the reason we still have wildlife today to be able to enjoy.

      4. Let’s also mention that anti-hunting “do-gooders” like choosecompassionalways, caused excessive regulations preventing harvesting of many predator species which in turn multiplied uncontrolled and have devastated many species, in many states, like cottontails, quail, turkeys, etc. and if it wasn’t for organizations like Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, Quail Unlimited, Rocky Mtn Elk Foundation, etc. all funded primarily by hunters, these species would have disappeared.

      5. Good God are you wrong. Hunters are the main support for federal and state programs. Several hunting/pro-gun groups including the “evil” NRA are critical in increasing game populations. The fees that hunters pay go into conservation efforts. Please educate yourself before displaying your pretentious ignorance.

      6. Hate to say you better give up those vegetables too. After all there sprayed and fertilized with blood and bone from the abbotoir not to mention protected by a farmer who wouldn’t hesitate to shoot an animal destroying his crops…Your going to be pretty hungry and cold living in a cave eating berries away from anything h7ntiny related I guess…Me well I’ll tuck into a nice juicy steak or some rabbit or venison ive caught myself then jump under my duck feather doona and lose no sleep at night worrying about hypocritical tree huggers.

      7. Apex predator, my ass, hunter28. Without your scopes and ATVs and high powered weapons, you would be the quivering, quaking weakling prey we human beings are. I guess you don’t mind the suffering you inflict on others, nor the disruption to family and social structure of the animals you kill. You’re saying that you are proud of that, eh? Or that being the “apex predator” that you are, you just can’t help yourself? Being proud of being a killer? Would someone need a microscope to find your heart or the cavity where it should be?

      8. I would like to point out that not all hunters use scopes,ATVs,and/or high powered rifles.Many use a bow and arrow or traps.Think about the facts before you share your opinion.

      9. Oh, yes Trapping is REALLY humane — is that what you are saying? Trapping is the most sadistic and barbaric of all.

      10. Which are even MORE cruel. Trapping is the very worst of the worst. Animals left to linger in searing agonizing pain for hours, days, even weeks before they are found and then killed. Absolutely horrifying. Trapping AND trophy hunting should be banned entirely.

      11. You really should not engage your mouth when you have no idea what you are talking about. Trapping is just as humane as any other hunting these days. The traps either kill instantly or simply hold the animal; traps that maim or injure are no longer allowed. Regulations require traps to be checked daily. Now leave the conversations to us adults and go back to watching your “Snookie” and “Kardashians”:

      12. Not all hunters are killers. My husband and I hunt every year and everything we hunt we eat. And if you are a good hunter like most are then you only take a shot you know is a kill shot meaning the aninal in which you are hunting will die and not suffer. If your placement of ur shot is in the right place they will drop quickly. Also not all of us hunters use rifles I perfer bow hunting. And one last thing this was mentioned in a post earlier but you must not have read it hunters help control the populations of certin animals if it was wrong to hunt animals then there would not be hunting seasons and limits to what you hunt and how many you are allowed to harvest. And as far as coyote hunting they are over populateing in some ares and are killing other animals. So you might want to think before you start running ur mouth about hunters.

      13. All hunters are killers. That is what a hunter or trapper does: kill. Do you really disagree with that statement?

        I am well familiar with the issues of hunting and trapping. You’re telling me that bow-hunted animals die immediately? My understanding is the opposite, that even if the arrow penetrates the “right” spot, the animal usually bolts in shock and lopes or trots off until it bleeds to death, resulting in a low carcass recovery rate. Maybe you’re the one bow hunter in a million who is consistently an extraordinary markswoman, but I have my doubts. And trapping? Swift and merciful? Are you kidding me? In Idaho the regulations only require checking traps every 72 hours, not that they are enforced anyway. So after the animal is tortured and maimed by a trap or snare, experiences hunger and thirst, and is exposed to the elements, then what happens? The animal is bludgeoned, crushed, suffocated with a catchpole, or held underwater to drown by the boot of some sadist.

        I am incredulous at your statement that if hunting is wrong there would be no seasons. Is slavery wrong? Misogyny? Racism? Child labor? All of those were not only legal but socially acceptable in the past, just like hunting and trapping are today.

      14. Hear! Hear! Choosecompassionalways is right. This whole thread is clogged up with hateful people who think killing for “sport” is ok. Disgusting.

      15. You really should just go back in your kitchen and eat your fruit-loops and stop showing what a f-cking idiot you really are. Before the advent of modern weapons, humans were able to take most of the same game we take now. Masai warriors killed lions, Eskimos took polar bear, walrus, and narwhal, American Indians took buffalo, Europeans took boar, deer, and bear with little more than knives and spears. All modern weapons did was make it so that more humans could participate in capturing food than relying on a select few. Even today there is a growing number of hunters that are successfully taking game the same way as our ancestors did. You’re a perfect example of reverse evolution!

      16. Gosh, you seem like a nice person, so I’m going to help you out here. The reason that most conservation efforts are needed is not “hunting”…it is human encroachment on animal habitat.
        Slash and burn farming techniques , excessive logging as well as the increasing sprawl of human existence are the prime causes of habitat loss and threat to species.
        A very tiny minority of animals were “hunted” to extinction, the passenger pigeon for one. But species poached for tusks, gall bladders, ivory etc are not being “hunted”…they are being poached.

        Furthermore, it is a myth that a vegan lifestyle “saves” animals. The intensive commercial farming techniques required to grow your Xmas Tofurkey are now known to kill almost as many small mammals, rodents and insects as are eaten by omnivore humans.

        Unless, of course, you are willing to argue that a baby raccoon sucked up into a combine harvester has less “value” than a chicken or a hog, you are no more saving animals than I am, as a hunter.


      17. PETA is a controversial group. I do not condone them or align myself with them, but the fact remains, killing animals for sport is morally repugnant. Take PETA out of the equasion and still it is ugly.

        Trapping is cruel and barbaric. Eating meat is one thing, (I do NOT eat meat), and hunting for meat only, ethically and using the entire animal is something else too. I am not down on that, it’s the thrill killing kind of hunting, and the joy in running down and taking a life that some people consider “sport” that is morally void. They all seem to take hideous foolish selfies, grinning like smug idiots on top of a dead animal that was innocent and doing nothing but living its life… and then post them on social media as if that is some sort of feat, some proof of their “bravery” that is disgusting behavior. Shameful, ugly reprehensible acts. No respect there. No connection to the Earth, God, nature OR the animal, just plain old greed, ego and bravado. Makes me SICK.

      18. Every license we buy an every outdoor product we buy are taxed an this money go’s straight to the states for conservation. .you are totally wrong just as u were before you quit eating flesh..yes early settlers did wipe out game to eat an survive..but now all the animals we have restocked have came from hunters money an donations..
        Antis spend ur money on Peta an other organizations like it..just look into how they spend there money an how much they pay there ceo’s..most of the money they spend is to kill unwanted pets etc..get ur facts rite..go look it up its true

      19. I do not support Peta. I support organizations that work for restoration and protection of ecosystems, including the wild inhabitants.

        All pubic lands are supported by all citizens, not just by those who kill the animals that live there. A recent study pointed out that nationally less than 5% of Americans hunt, which means that less than 5% of the dollars spent on “managing” public lands is contributed by hunters. Hunters and trappers support state “game” agencies through the miniscule hunting and trapping license fees, and the state “game” agencies act only on behalf of hunters and trappers, “managing” their state’s public lands like a game farm, which I assume makes people like you happy. I would also assume that the firearm revenues that fund state game agencies include fees from people who like weapons but don’t hunt. Equity, right?

      20. Killing is NOT conservation. Big FAT LIE told by hunters to justify their bloodlust. While some fees may go to wildlife agencies, the majority of it goes into the government, and the USF&WS is FULL of hunters and their cronies. No conservation there, just preservation of a ‘good ‘ol boy’ bygone lifestyle that is no longer sustainable.

      21. Well, it will be interesting to see just how well you vegans and vegetarians survive the coming implosion our country and the world is going to experience soon. You won’t have a store or market to go to for your veggies and you likely have NO IDEA what native plants are edible. You’ll be begging that hunter to share his kill, starvation is on your horizon.

      22. um yeh we do give that stuff up, its easy. Hunters are licensed murderers and nothing more. This isnt 10, 000 BC.

      23. Just remember that a “licensed killer” provided those wings, nuggets, fish, or burger you’re devouring.

      24. I’m vegan and eat nothing of the sort. I have not eaten meat since i was 15 and im now 44 and yes this is my real picture taken last year. 44 years and nothing needed to die to keep my alive and healthy. Once you know better, you do better.

      25. licensed murderer’s? Hmm.
        Lol. Poor Stupid. 10,000BC??
        SO cause we’re in 2016… We should plant peas, and carrots cause you think hunting for food is obsolete.? Hey, city inhabitants… us people down here love fresh food

    2. Your the type of moron who supports ISIS and condemns something you don’t understand. My family has been hunting animals for meat for several hundred thousand years. You obviously are a rabbit or a sheep. I am a top tier predator and do not intend to change.

      1. Because I’m opposed to recreational killing of animals I’m a person who supports ISIS? Have you spent time in a mental institution, Jack?

      2. Show me one case of recreational killing. And no the beheading don’t count nor any other human murder.

    3. Correction #1- most hunters donate meat they do not eat. Correction #2- hunters do not torture animals- they kill them (which is not torture). These ladies (along with the vast majority of hunters out there) kill for FOOD.

      1. Not everyone believes in the bible. That is your personal preference. Any god who would instill sentience, joy of life, love of their young and the ability to suffer and then tell you it is okay to harm, maim, exploit and make them suffer is no benevolent god, But if you want to argue the bible I can go verse for verse with your cherry picking from it. If you want to use the bible as a defense, then I hope you are living by every verse, which would be quite interesting. There are some verses that tell you how to treat your slaves among other interesting things. I hope you don’t eat beef as there is horse meat confirmed in the US beef supply and according to the bible eating equine is a sin. Thou shalt not kill, and it does not specify . How arrogant people are to interpret the bible to suit what they want….

      1. Sorry for your ignorance ! I don’t even know why I qualify it with an answer !! I guess you can’t know what you don’t know !! Keep your UNeducated thoughts on this subject to yourself until you can comment with some degree of grasp ?

      2. I am not uneducated. On the contrary, Arne. I am against killing animals for sport. Plain and simple. I choose compassion and empathy over ego and greed and backwoods good ol’ boy machismo.

    4. I think these women are great. They understand how the real world is. Not you dreamland where you wonder why thing happen today. Why does everybody just love everyone. Your suppose to get everything you want world of yours

  4. Just so you guys know… not all of us ” liberals” are out to take yer guns or your ability to hunt away from you. This whole liberal/conservative divide in this country is stupid.

    1. Understood, but is typically politicians that identify as “liberals” or “progressives” that attempt to restrict personal freedom and ban guns.

      1. Where does the Sandy Hook massacre fit in to your paradigm? Is that one of the personal freedoms you defend? Or just an acceptable cost of the personal freedom to have guns freely available for purchase or trade? What is your solution for preventing any more Sandy Hooks or one of the hundreds of other massacres that are so numerous that they are not even memorable?

      2. Exactly what does Sandy Hook have to do with hunting?
        Answer: nothing, but when you can’t come up with a cogent argument, throw it in the mix…

      3. Right, nothing at all.

        Lobbying by the NRA, gun rights advocates who oppose any and all restrictions, gun toting bullies, and the obscene results and lives they wreck. Common themes: violence, infliction of suffering, domination, thrill-killing, total lack of empathy, pride in prowess at killing, derangement. I see plenty in common between Sandy Hook and hunting.

      4. How about we actually treat criminals like criminals. Gangs like terrorist. Make it hurt for them to work. How about we actually help people with mental illness instead of hiding it. How about we go back to teaching its an unfair world. You don’t always get your way, there are consequences to your actions. How about that, then maybe we will have no more Sandy Hooks. We taught that way up until the baby boomers had kids and their kids had kids. Guess what the hundred of thousands of yr that kids were taught about the real world these incidences were few. Now they seem to happen more but the population has more than tripled. You want to improve society then teach real life.

      5. you dont need guns to kill idiot. jefferey d didnt use a gun and he killed alot of people. guns are an inanimate object and they dont kill people., people kill people, with knives, hammers, poison, cars, drugs, etc…. no one wants to ban knives or cars if someone dies from them, but then want to ban guns and blame the gun, an inanimate object and not the person using the gun. grow up and get some common sense before coming back here and opening up your liberal pie hole

      6. What exactly is a “liberal pie hole,” Lee?

        I could be mistaken, but I think the primary purpose of cars, drugs, hammers, knives are other than killing people or animals. They can be used for those purposes, but they were not designed — nor are they typically used intentionally — for killing. Guns are designed for one purpose and can take many lives in a very short time, and that sets them apart from other tools and weapons. I’m not sure which poisons you’re referring to, but I don’t recall mass poisonings being a social ill like the innumerable mass shootings.

      7. Knives weren’t designed to kill? You are an idiot. How do you not intentionally kill something? Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. And name one of these mass shooting murderers who was an avid hunter? You just keep eating your vegetables you’re still killing animals and not to mention taking the animals food away.

    2. Agreed, Jeff, thank you. And most of these commenters think being called liberal is an insult. Far from it. Let me clarify the meaning for you haters (especially numbers 3 and 4):

      liberal [lib-er-uh l, lib-ruh l]

      1.favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs.

      2. pertaining to a political party advocating measures of progressive political reform.

      3. of, pertaining to, based on, or advocating liberalism, especially the freedom of the individual and governmental guarantees of individual rights and liberties.

      4.f avorable to or in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible, especially as guaranteed by law and secured by governmental protection of civil liberties.

      5. favoring or permitting freedom of action, especially with respect to matters of personal belief or expression:
      a liberal policy toward dissident artists and writers.

      6. of or relating to representational forms of government rather than aristocracies and monarchies.

      7. free from prejudice or bigotry; tolerant:

  5. well jeff your buddy obummer has done that more than any other person.and liberals want us to be socialist’s,and give your hard earned dollars to people that sit on their ass and od nothing but cause trouble.peta even helped stop some hunting in africa,now look at what that has done to the animals just like the wolf.

  6. Why they cave into animal rights groups is beyond me. Hunting is legal, so get out and enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. Elk, deer, pheasants etc make great table fare and u know exactly where they came from and how they were prepared!!

    1. Slavery was once legal too. Didin’t make it right. Child sex slavery and pornography is legal in some Asian countries… that ok with you too? Legal does not equate moral or ethically sound.

  7. The ‘ANTI’s’ are winning, they pick us off one by one by attacking our beliefs one person at a time. I think the UK royal family are great, they bow to no one! No ‘do gooder’ pressure group is going to being THEM to their knees. The current queen has served AND hunted for longer than most ‘do gooders’ have been alive without putting a single foot wrong. Lets hope Kate can do the same.

    1. I hope the “anti’s” ARE winning. It’s about damned time people learned some RESPECT for nature, the Earth and God’s beautiful innocent animals, the voiceless, who people exploit, make, murder, butcher and stuff on walls. They are not here to decorate out houses or man caves.

    2. These do-gooders are born with a silver spoon in their mouths and have the best education and want for nothing whilst millions of us fellow Brits earn an average wage and struggle to pay our bills to survive.
      The royal family are so bored – they don’t have a real job, that to give themselves pleasure, they like to see an animal die in suffering pain.
      Tells me I need to know about them and a pity the Australians didn’t vote for independence.
      Put them with the torturers of the Nazis and other facists who enjoy suffering.
      Ashamed to be British.

    3. These do-gooders are born with a silver spoon in their mouths and have the best education and want for nothing whilst millions of us fellow Brits earn an average wage and struggle to pay our bills to survive.
      The royal family are so bored – they don’t have a real job, that to give themselves pleasure, they like to see an animal die in suffering pain.
      Tells me I need to know about them and a pity the Australians didn’t vote for independence.
      Put them with the torturers of the Nazis and other facists who enjoy suffering.
      Ashamed to be British.

    4. These do-gooders are born with a silver spoon in their mouths and have the best education and want for nothing whilst millions of us fellow Brits earn an average wage and struggle to pay our bills to survive.
      The royal family are so bored – they don’t have a real job, that to give themselves pleasure, they like to see an animal die in suffering pain.
      Tells me I need to know about them and a pity the Australians didn’t vote for independence.
      Put them with the torturers of the Nazis and other facists who enjoy suffering.
      Ashamed to be British.

    5. These do-gooders are born with a silver spoon in their mouths and have the best education and want for nothing whilst millions of us fellow Brits earn an average wage and struggle to pay our bills to survive.
      The royal family are so bored – they don’t have a real job, that to give themselves pleasure, they like to see an animal die in suffering pain.
      Tells me I need to know about them and a pity the Australians didn’t vote for independence.
      Put them with the torturers of the Nazis and other facists who enjoy suffering.
      Ashamed to be British.

  8. I currently raise most of my own meat for the table including killing it. I would love to learn to hunt and prepare wild game for my family to eat. yes I would use the whole thing from hide to hooves. this would be to feed my family,I just personally hate the way big ag farms raise animals for market in over crowded confined cages or feed lots that poison the land because of the high concentration of manures,over use of antibiotics and toxic chemicals. for me home raised or wild is a safer food source.

    1. That’s totally great, when done ETHICALLY. Would you also take selfies of yourself with the animals and post it on facebook like a fool? Or hang their heads on your wall for some sick sort of trophy? Or are you really an ethical person who would eat the animal without fanfare or bragging rights? If you are in the latter category, I applaud you. My grandfather hunted deer. When I was growing up, at his house he had a seperate freezer for his venison. He never ONCE stuffed a deer head and had it mounted or took a degrading photo with the corpse of the animal. He said a prayer every time he killed one and he utilized the entire animal. I grew up vegetarian and I remain that way, but I admired his respect for the animals, for his God and for nature. Many of these hunters out there today have NO respect and lots of ego and bravado issues. It’s sad.

  9. It’s pretty frustrating that liberals are demonized in the comments on virtually every post, regardless of the relevance of politics to the article.

    I understand that people who shout about animal rights are generally liberal, but I don’t understand why it’s assumed that because someone is liberal, THEY are an anti-. I’m pretty damn liberal by most standards and I own guns and I hunt — virtually everyone I hunt with tends to lean liberal. We DO exist.

    Political leanings don’t define me and there is no need to lump nutters like PETA/other “animal rights” groups in with my politics.

    1. AGREED! THANK YOU! I do not subscribe to liberal OR conservative beliefs… I am in the middle somewhere, but when I see all this liberal bashing and hating it makes me abhor the far right and their so called “values”.

  10. Hunters fund the groups that protect the animals and ther habitat what does PETA fund ther should be more hunters

    1. PETA has nothing to do with the comments here. These people are not affiliated with PETA. Seems you are the idiot here.

  11. Here is the thing. If we did not hunt these animals for food they would die anyway from starvation and sickness. Their is not enough food for them to sustain. Also in some state the deer population is so bad 1 out of 4 cars will hit a deer. I understand both side, but I don’t agree with both side. Most of us hunt to put food on the table. Please don’t tell us what we should or should not do, and we will do the same for you.

  12. For every person defending hunting or stating that hunting is conservation, it is propaganda .

    Hunters are basically thugs , baiting, some illegally killing, causing suffering on purpose, killing whatever moves. They decimate predators then decimate the prey animals, they stress animals, kill females and leave young to suffer. Bow hunters leave wounded animals , and call it conservation. Hunting and Trophy hunting is done for ego, power seeking, sexual perversion , greed and hate. But they love to use two things to justify their actions, meat and conservation. And the good ole boy system that made all this legal protects them , not matter how horrific their actions.

    Stuffing the dead body down your throat means you eat who you have killed for fun, not that you have to kill to eat.

    You are killing for fun and then eating who you have killed.

    I have so many accounts of thugs- aka hunters,, who are killing deer and everything else in vile, cruel ways , because they enjoy the violence and power of killing. Hunters have poisoned pets of people who ran them off their land, they shoot dogs, horses, anything that moves., revel in killing contests.

    Want to talk about trappers and their cruelty ?

    The days of Aldo Leopold are long gone and the laws that are embedded into wildlife management need to be amended. The hunters are stocked in all wildlife governing agencies, managing wildlife FOR hunters, not for conservation.

    Non hunters contribute to conservation in amounts equal, sometimes more than the killers.

    The NRA, Congressional Sportsmen’s Club , the wealthy safari clubs all lobby and make sure that the deck stays stacked against the wildlife, and that the wildlife are exploited, executed and served up as playtime to those who enjoy killing.

    Killing animals is big business. Like everything else the wildlife have been sold out for greed in the guise of management and conservation , when in reality is free for all slaughter for fun pure and simple. All of it made legal by corrupt men, enjoying a crooked system.

    Something is inherently wrong with people who enjoy killing sentient beings, who love their young, have emotions, joy of life, fear and suffer like we do.

    1. As a hunter myself, this really makes me mad. All of you “anti” hunters have no idea what it’s like to hunt. You think we go out in the woods shoot a deer and it suffers and we eat it for fun. Let me tell you, you are far from right, we hunt for conservation and meat. When a hunter gets ready to take a shot we feel all kinds of emotions we are excited for a kill, yet we are saddened for the game we are about to take. If people didn’t hunt we would be overpopulated with animals which isn’t a good thing. If you read the bible it talks about how animals were put here for food to hunt and pleasure like having a pet a dog, cat, ect… I do think it’s wrong when people take advantage of hunting and kill things just to kill them and leave them in the woods because “it didn’t have a big enough rack” or ” the beard and Spurs wasn’t long enough” and other excuses. A true hunter doesn’t care about the size, we are just glad to harvest the game to feed our family. Also you may say hunting is wrong and still eat a hamburger, bacon, and other meat. Well it was once an animal that had be killed and I know for a fact it suffered more then just shooting an animal during hunting season, plus you don’t know what’s in store bought meat and when you harvest an animal you know exactly what is in your food.

      1. If the DNR didn’t artificially boost animal populations (some of which aren’t native and are hand reared by people like pheasants) for hunters to shoot, we wouldn’t have an animal overpopulation problem which would be a great thing. There, fixed it for you.

  13. Killing animals for sport is sick. Getting pleasure out of ending a life is perverted. Animals kill because they must, but only humans get pleasure from killing for the sake of killing. These women may be famous but to me they’re just trash.

  14. How horrible and sad. Killing animals for sport is a byproduct of a diseased mind. Getting pleasure out of ending a life is perverted. Animals kill because they must, but only humans get pleasure from killing for the sake of killing. These women may be famous but to me they’re just trash. Disgusting human garbage.

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