Video: 6 of the Greatest Hunting Fails Ever Recorded


What makes a good hunter is the ability to look back and learn from your mistakes. After all, we’re all human and even the most experienced hunters were, at some time, novices. However, most have the good fortune of not having those mistakes be on tape (or SD card).

Not everybody has that kind of luck. These are the videos that we watch after a long and frustrating day in the field to lift ourselves up and remember that everyone has an off day eventually. Some people just fail with hilarious results.

Be warned, there is some vulgar language in the following videos.

1. You can’t bag your own decoy

There are many, many benefits to using decoys, but probably only one notable downside. Always be careful when transporting or setting up your decoys. Methods such as wrapping it up in blaze orange seem to do the trick, because while you’re trying to fool some deer, you might be fooling another hunter as well. Of course, not many people who set up decoys fool themselves.

2. If at first you don’t succeed

Then try, try again. This adage however, does not apply to all situations. The duel between predator and prey has never been stranger than in this famous video. We’re not sure why the deer stood perfectly still in the face of all those gunshots, but we’re assuming that either it was deaf, unusually slow that day, or was just putting on a show for the does.

Also, remember to properly sight-in and secure your optics to your rifles, folks. Or just be a better shot.

3. Zombie deer

All sportsmen strive to make clean, lethal shots when harvesting game. Not only is it a display of skill and marksmanship, it is also ethical. Sadly, that is not always the case and deer can be resilient critters. This young hunter managed to drop his deer not too far from his treestand, but he’s about to get an awful surprise if he wants to pose for a picture. Hopefully he was able to retrieve the deer afterwards, if it was actually dead.

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4. Why are you guys laughing?

Sometimes there’s nothing better than hunting with a few of your close friends, but sometimes those same “friends” decide to have some fun at your expense. For many, it’s a tradition to prank the newbie hunter, but that doesn’t mean they appreciate it—especially if they thought they just shot the buck of their dreams.

5. Getting distracted

There are any number of things that can ruin a good deer hunt, but a herd of friendly cows is certainly not at the top of anybody’s list. This hunter may not have bagged any deer that day, but at least he made friends with the locals. And if he ever wants to borrow some milk, he’ll know where to go.

6. Please see manufacturer’s warranty

It’s a small miracle that nobody in this video was hurt. There’s no feeling worse than both missing your target and having to buy a new rifle—unless you’re also in the emergency room.

What’s the greatest hunting fail that you’ve ever seen or heard of? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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