Video: 7 of the Fastest Shooters in the World Employing Their Craft


Speed, accuracy, and total mastery of their firearms make these champion marksmen (and markswoman) the fastest in the world. These shooters are capable of pushing body and gun to their greatest limits, and always look good doing it.

They’re a bit like Shaolin monks, except their martial art includes expelling 18 bullet-shaped pieces of lead in under five seconds.

1. Max Michel

Five-time World Speed Shooting Champion and Team SIG SAUER captain, Max Michel is a top-tier shooter and renowned instructor.

2. Spencer “Lead Dispencer” Hoglund

Cowboy Action Shooting champion and world record holder, it’s not hard to see how Spencer Hoglund got his nickname.

A close-up view of his loading technique.

3. Patrick Flanigan

Another great shotgun shooter, Patrick Flanigan traces his influences back to Annie Oakley and other exhibition shooters.

4. KC Eusebio

This prodigy three-time World Speedshooting World Champion describes his motivations and how he focuses on shooting.

5. John Olav Ågotnes

The Scandinavian sport of Stangskyting, a fast-paced rifle contest of speed and accuracy, may not be that popular in the States, but the skill of this rifleman is still plain to see.

6. Jessie Duff

Did you know that before Jessie Duff achieved the rank of Grand Master in the USPSA, she was one of the most influential women in the Cowboy Action Shooting scene?

7. Jerry Miculek

Of course, any list of speed shooters is required to include living legend Jerry Miculek.

Jerry has since moved onto other things, such as speed shooting this Barrett M107.

This list is far from being conclusive. Who are your favorite speed shooters?

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