4 Must-have Items for Ice Fishing


A long winter is bad news for some, but great news for ice fishing! Ice fishing has been one of the most popular winter pastimes for anglers in the Northern United States and Canada for generations. In states like Wisconsin, winter ice fishing accounts for as much as one fourth of the state’s annual catch.

When you hit the ice, you’ve got to make sure you have the right gear. Here are a few suggestions that will make any ice fishing adventure a convenient and enjoyable experience.

1. Frabill I-Series Ice Fishing Apparel – MSRP $149.99 to $499.99

Warm clothing is obviously a must for ice anglers, and the I-Series line of apparel from Frabill is an excellent choice for staying warm.  For more than 50 years, Frabill has been a leading innovator in ice fishing. The I-Series is engineered for safety. Each I-Series jacket comes with a set of ice picks to help the fisherman extract themselves from an unforeseen fall through the ice. These suits are easy to put on and take off, fit well, and look great. In addition, all of the suits in the series have 150 grams of insulation. Another great safety feature of the I-Series is an innovative drainage mesh that allows water to drain quickly from the suit if the ice gives way.  For further protection, they have reinforced knees to defend you from scrapes and sharp ice.

2. Interstate Batteries Emergency LED Safety Flare – MSRP $18.99

Safety is always important when ice fishing. Every year there is a tragic story of someone falling through the ice, especially in the early and late seasons.  You can eliminate the need for an old- fashioned flare gun with the Interstate Batteries Emergency LED Safety Flare. If you have an emergency on the ice, it is imperative for people to find you. The LED safety flare is waterproof and it floats.  Each LED Safety Flare has nine different flash patterns with 16 super-bright LEDs, and it is visible up to 10 miles away.  Having one or two of these in your tackle box or in your bag is a must. They are dependable and tough and have a built-in magnet so they will stick to any metal item, and, unlike an old-fashioned flare, they will run for up to 100 hours. This little light is a wonder. You have to see it to believe it.

3. Zippo Outdoors Hand Warmer – MSRP $19.95

Ice fishing is guaranteed to get your hands wet and cold. The Zippo Hand Warmer is a great way to help combat that constant cold.  When fully fueled, it provides about 12 hours of constant, odorless heat– way more than disposable warmers–and you can refill it and use it time and time again. The Zippo Hand Warmer is easy to use and they keep a constant average heat of about 100 to 105 degrees. The Zippo Hand Warmer provides an inexpensive, reliable heat source, and you can count on it for many years of ice fishing.

4. Interstate Batteries 3 Watt LED Spotlight Camo – MSRP $18.99

The Interstate Batteries 3 Watt LED spotlight puts out a massive amount of light and is powered by four AA batteries, so it’s inexpensive to operate. The light output of the spotlight is 220 Lumens with a beam distance of 500 meters, which equates to about five and a half football fields. This is perfect for checking tip-ups when you’re fishing several holes on the ice. I use mine extensively, and you can reliably count on about forty hours of light from the 4 AA batteries, and it comes with an adjustable wrist strap that is really handy when using it around the water. Inexpensive, reliable, and durable, this little spotlight will not let you down.

While ice fishing remains a primarily consumptive sport that allows anglers to put food on the table, it’s also a great family pastime that helps break up the boredom of being locked inside to escape the cold. Always remember to put safety first, stay warm, and take the right gear.

This article was produced in partnership with Interstate All Battery Centers.

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