No matter how good you think your eyes are, we’re guessing that you’ll have trouble finding all 11 of these critters. In the wild, one of the most efficient strategies for not getting eaten is to not be found in the first place. For predator and prey alike, knowing how to camouflage yourself is an absolute must for survival. It is an example that humans—while for the most part not as naturally gifted—have learned from since time immemorial. From the earliest hunters using a primitive blind of branches and leaves to modern camouflage patterns, humans have always proven themselves capable of tricking even the most skittish of creatures.

But we still have much more to learn. See if you can find all 11 of these well-hidden creatures, and just to show that we’re not heartless, we’ll even give you a big hint: the species you’re looking for.

1. Wolf


2. Willow ptarmigan


3. Caimon


4. Mule deer


5. Impala


6. Chital (spotted deer)


7. Leopard

8. Badger


9. California ground squirrel


10. Nighthawk


11. Coyote

Want to see more? Check out this gallery of hidden wildlife at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s Facebook page.

Images embedded from Imgur and Facebook.

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