We’ve all seen trick shooting, but these videos take it to a whole new level. Archery in Hollywood is often depicted as blazingly fast, unerringly accurate, and filled to the brim with unique gadgets or tricks. Whether it’s Robin Hood from any of his film depictions, Legolas from the Lord of The Rings trilogy, or Hawkeye from The Avengers, we have come to expect the impossible from archers. As always, the real-life version is far removed from the make-believe of movie magic.

Except when these archers are involved. The trick shot compilations below are the result of hours of endless repetition, perfecting a keen skill with the bow and arrow. Some of these archers want to revolutionize the art of the archery, while others simply want to display their skills away from the treestand. In either case, these archers show that not everything in Hollywood is a lie.

1. Lars Anderson

2. James Dean

3. The crew of Dude Perfect

4. The legendary Byron Ferguson

5. John Jackson


Image screenshot of video by Dude Perfect on YouTube

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