Video: We Bet You Never Thought of These 5 Unconventional Ways to Cook Bacon


So you’re all packed up for your next camping trip, hunting expedition, or  range day barbecue when you notice some key pieces of gear missing. Where’s your cooking equipment? How else are you going to enjoy the most American of meats—sweet, crispy bacon?

You could light up a fire and wrap bacon around some disgusting stick, or you could explore one of these five options. Though they range from the practical to the absurd, it always helps to keep your options open.

1. Breakfast in a bag

2. When it doubt, use a rock

3. Who has time to cook? Tactical Bacon is so tactical that it comes ready to eat

4. Harness the power of the sun only for good, never for evil

5. Which cooks bacon better: M16 or AK47?

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