Sometimes you just have to make do with what you got. After all, necessity is the mother of invention, and who could fault you for wanting to improve something while on a budget? Sometimes, your innovative ideas practically border on genius.

The term “redneck” may be considered derogatory to some and a source of pride for others, but for the purposes of this list, we are defining it as someone who wisely uses the resources at their disposal while retaining a down-to-earth outlook. After all, you might get a big head from patting yourself too much on the back. So do you have a spark of genius? See if you identify with any of these entries below. 

1. You realize that what goes up must come down


2. You absolutely want every channel on the planet


3. You recognize that cupholders should come with all chairs


4. Sometimes, you have to cheat to win


5. You’re good with cars


6. When you have to do battle with hornets, you don’t mess around


7. You know how to enjoy a view

Fun times + Things we love!

8. You make use of old containers to store bait


9. You’re a fine cook given the right tools

Cuz I Can

10. You know how to keep your lawn in order and under budget


11. You recognize that old furniture is just an underutilized ATV

12. You know it’s much easier to build your own boat than buy one


13. You know how to avoid unwanted visitors

redneck life hacks

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