What would be the perfect website for the adventurous angler? What about one with maps, information on fish species, permit info, and local regulations all available with the click of a mouse? How about a site that can inform you of boat ramp closings or disabled access? Or what about one that lets you search through a directory of tackle stores, guides, and accommodation? Do you like to help others, give tips, share photos, and keep connected to what other fishermen are up to across the world? Then Fishprep.com may be for you. Founded by three entrepreneurial anglers, Fishprep is an ambitious international platform that not only seeks to bring recreational anglers together, but has also positioned itself as the future of fishing.

“There should be no reason not to use Fishprep,” the company’s managing director, Mark Berryman, told OutdoorHub.

Mark, along with Nicklas Sundberg and Simon Goot, have been developing Fishprep for the last three years. It’s an ambitious venture, but one that they are confident will appeal to fishermen.

So what exactly is Fishprep? In a word, it’s everything. It’s designed to be a one stop shop for anglers. Fishprep is built on three different ideas. The first is information, and that means maps loaded with user-generated data. Registered members are able to select a specific lake or stream and see what fish species are available, what nearby businesses offer, and even a brief summary of local regulations.

The second concept is about building a community of enthusiastic anglers, sharing their knowledge and experiences. Mark said that the website is also open to businesses, guides, conservationists, scientists, and even wildlife officials who want to collaborate with others across the globe. As a social media platform, Fishprep offers anglers the ability to keep connected to what their friends are doing, even if they’re halfway around the world.

“Right now one of my favorite things is that you can log all your fishing activity, like images of new spots, catches, the odd thought, new tackle, you name it,” Mark shared. “My kids or grandkids can go through this later in life, and if fishing is in their blood too (which it seems to be in my kids), they can relate to me. If I could look at my grandfather’s fishing log—the hairs are standing up on my neck just thinking about it.”

The third focus of Fishprep is conservation. All the user-generated data that Fishprep ends up compiling will be available to conservationists, protecting the sport and fish for generations to come.

“Just imagine a united voice that champions the sport of fishing, made up of passionate anglers from around the world,” Mark said. “Supporting recreational fishing, no matter what the concern or where it is. If that [goal] is too idealistic for me to get away with then I would say again, we are in no major rush. The goal is to create something incredibly useful and in order to do that we feel it’s vital to have a global reach.”


There are already other sites that do some aspects of what Fishprep offers, so why should anglers chose it over one of its competitors? According to Mark, it’s because Fishprep has no true competitors for what it’s bringing to the table.

“Yes, there are elements of crossover between what we are doing and that of others but there is nothing quite the same,” he explained. “We would rather think of ourselves as the glue that can bring all those so-called competitors together to create the ultimate resource for fishing. We are open for all to use.”

Fishprep also offers businesses and guides a cost-effective way to market their services online to a very targeted audience. Mark said that while Fishprep is still in its early stages, a canny entrepreneur could use the site’s audience to his or her advantage.

“People keep saying to me ‘you won’t have many users or data for a while, why would businesses want to register?’ My answer to this is that we won’t have many businesses either so they will be seen much easier by the users we do have,” he said. “We are ready to start marketing, let’s see what happens.”

For all its potential, Fishprep was kept under wraps for the past few years. Its developers originally conceived of Fishprep as a simple, easy-to-use alternative to what they say is a jungle of useless search results and outdated information on the web. Now, Fishprep is finally ready for the market.

“It’s something people can really be a part of,” Mark concluded.

You can check out Fishprep.com here.

Image courtesy Fishprep

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