The fight to defend the right to keep and bear arms in the United States has been a long and hard one. Organizations like the National Rifle Association are on the front lines of the struggle against gun control, a position they’ve held on their own for quite some time. With their help, we’ve put together this detailed infographic that describes the history of that fight.

With recent events like the White House’s reaffirmation of their commitment to banning “assault weapons,” it’s more important than ever before to keep these facts in mind.

NRA_Timeline v11

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4 thoughts on “INFOGRAPHIC: Timeline of the Fight to Defend the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

  1. you missed 1967 and reagan when he (and the nra) banned open carry in california. i presume that was an over site. should i expect a correction. i’l be waiting.

    i’m pro gun, not pro business. goa. goa. goa. screw the nra.

    ice cream. raz

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