Hunting sure has changed over the years.

Have you ever caught yourself feeling a bit nostalgic for the good old days? Or in the case of those millennials out there, wonder what hunting looked like before your time? Depending on what decade you’re talking about, there was a time when hunters could bring guns openly onto commercial airliners, when red was the preferred safety color for hunting season, and when plaid was much more in fashion.

So break out the letter jackets and mix yourself a milkshake, because we’re going full retro with this list of vintage hunting documentaries.

1. South Dakota pheasant hunting in the 1960s

2. Challenging Africa’s Cape buffalo in the 1950s

3. An Alaskan bowhunt in the 1920s

4. Undated Fred Bear grizzly hunt (loud)

5. Moose hunting in the 1940s

Image screenshot of video by South Dakota on YouTube

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