In the world of taxidermy it can be quite hard to tell what is a joke, and what is simply an awful mount.

Unlike our previous taxidermy fail lists, the 15 critters below are neither overtly funny or downright frightening. They just make us cringe a little bit.

You can see our delightfully hilarious taxidermy fail list here or our scary—actually quite terrifying—taxidermy list here.

1. Would you care for a box?

2. Something’s not quite right with those eyes

3. This shark may be expired

4. Ouch. Just ouch

5. Caution, some armadillos carry leprosy

6. Old school cool

7. If you see these in the woods, run

8. That’s quite a….quizzical expression

9. This poor thing looks otterly defeated

10. The perfect ambush predator

11. Here comes the buck

12. It just looks so relaxed

13. Unlike the lynx, this bobcat is way more focused

14. The ever rare rat-nosed deer

15. When you’re strolling through the world’s creepiest toy store

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