Trail cameras have completely changed the hunting world. Now, instead of hoping the buck shows up when you’re scouting, you can have photographic proof of when and where he was, and whatever else is going on in your hunting land. The first trail cameras were bulky and didn’t offer great photos, but they worked well enough to change the landscape of hunting. Today’s latest trail cameras have higher megapixel (MP) resolution, and are loaded with features and technology, making them one of the very best tools at your disposal. Cabela’s has all the latest and greatest available to you at your fingertips.

Cabela’s Outfitter 12MP IR HD Trail Camera – $129.99

outfitter 12 mp

Just a year ago, if you had said there was a high-quality, 12-megapixel trail camera with an infrared flash that was available for under $200, most would have said you were crazy. Cabela’s new Outfitter 12MP IR HD Trail Camera is just that is a screaming deal at only $129.99. The camera has 40 infrared LED bulbs for a nighttime flash that doesn’t spook game. A fast 1.2-second trigger speed and an 85-foot by day/50-foot by night range means you’re going to get a lot of great images or HD video from this camera. It’s backed by a one-year warranty and the Cabela’s name, too. This is a smoking-hot camera at a great price!

Cabela’s Outfitter 12MP Color HD Trail Camera – $199.99

outfitter 12 mp color

There’s a lot of detail in a trail camera image that can really only be picked up with a color image. The Outfitter 12MP Color HD camera takes 12MP color images during the day and and 5MP color images at night thanks to the 40 white LED flash bulbs. A fast one-second trigger speed that grabs one to five photos and 720i HD video with audio capability makes this a really sweet camera.

Browning Dark Ops 8MP Trail Camera – $179.99

browning dark ops

Browning stormed onto the trail camera scene a few years ago with an iconic brand and a sharp-looking product. Hunters quickly realized that there was a lot more than just a brand behind these cameras—they work great, too. The Dark Ops model has infrared LED bulbs for night ime images that don’t spook the critters when the camera is triggered. A 55-foot range for the camera and a 70-foot range for the flash means you’ll also see those other bucks sneaking around in the background. The Dark Ops also shoots 1280×720 HD video with sound.

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 14MP Trail Camera-Realtree XTRA – $199.99

bushnell aggressor

Bushnell’s Trophy Cam cameras have such a good reputation within the hunting world that several well-known hunting shows secretly use them even though they are sponsored by other brands. The new Aggressor takes amazing 14MP images, full 1080p HD video, and more. The trigger speed is programmable and lightning-fast. The cool hybrid mode takes a still image and then switches immediately to video mode. If you want to be amazed at what a trail camera can do, check out the Aggressor.

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD 12MP Vital Trail Camera – $139.99

bushnell vital

When you think of those things that are vital in a trail camera, some of the top items are clear images, fast trigger speed, low cost, and a flash that doesn’t spook deer. It makes sense that Bushnell calls this Trophy Cam the Vital. 12MP resolution, a 0.3-second trigger, an infrared LED flash with an 80-foot range, and HD video are just a few of the features of this $139.99 camera. Yeah, you read that right—only $139.99!

Cuddeback Extended Range IR 20MP Trail Camera – $179.99

cuddeback ER

The name Cuddeback is synonymous with trail cameras, with good reason. The Wisconsin-based company has been one of the leaders in trail camera technology for years. Their latest offering boasts an amazing 20MP level of resolution, an infrared flash, and an ultra-fast 0.25-second trigger speed. The sensor features what Cuddeback calls Zone Control, which allows you to adjust the range of the sensor from a wide, but shorter beam, to a focused, narrow beam that can be tripped from a greater distance. It’s all packed into a small-framed camera that costs less than you’d think.

Cuddeback Extended Range Black Flash 20MP Trail Camera – $179.99

cuddeback ER black

The Black flash version of the Cuddeback Extended Range camera has all the same features as the standard flash, but with 100 percent undetectable-by-game black LEDs for the flash. The trade-off is range, as the black LED flash doesn’t cast as wide or long of a flash for taking images, but you also stand no chance of spooking game animals.

Moultrie A-7i 7MP Trail Camera – $109.99

moultrie a7i

The main reason companies offer a less-expensive camera is so that folks who run a lot of cameras can afford to buy several at once. Often you have to sacrifice a lot to save a little. That’s not really the case with the Moultrie A-7i. It’s a 7MP camera with infrared LEDs for a flash. It has a 40-foot detection range and will take night time images out to 50 feet with the flash. If you’re concerned about the cameras being detected at night, but need to run several, the A-7i might just be a great option for you.

Spypoint C9 9MP Trail Camera – $149.99

spypoint c9

Spypoint is a brand that has come on strong in recent years and has really become well known for great cameras. The C9 9MP camera has a lot of the features you’d expect. It takes 10- to 90-second HD video clips, 9MP images, and has infrared LEDs for the flash. It is also compatible with the’s image management site and software, which uses cloud storage to allow you to track and manage your photos from anywhere.

Spypoint Mini-Live CV Verizon Trail Camera – $499.99

spypoint cv

When they adapted cellular technology to trail cameras, it was a complete game-changer. The only downfall to a tradition trail camera was that you had to physically go into the woods to swap out the memory cards. The addition of cellular service means the images can be automatically uploaded direct to your mobile device. Nothing like getting a text from the buck you’ve been chasing, letting you know you should be in your stand! The Mini-Live CV Verizon from Spypoint sends 8MP images directly to you and has 62 infrared LEDs for the flash.

Stealth Cam P22 8MP Trail Camera – $99.99

stealth cam p22

The Stealth Cam P22 is another one of those lower price/higher quality cameras that makes buying more than one a do-able thing for just about any hunter. It has 8MP clarity and infrared flash and video, just like higher priced cameras. The biggest claim to fame for this camera is it is very easy to set up and program. It is a great camera for land management use.

Wildgame Innovations Blade 8X 8MP Trail Camera – $89.99

wild blade 8x

Starting out with just how cool this camera looks with Kryptek Highlander camo, the fact is, you also get a lot of camera for not much money. 8MP, video, and infrared LEDS flash are all standard. The Wildgame Innovations guys have a lot of fun, but they also make some great products for the money!

Wildgame Innovations Illusion 12-12MP Trail Camera – $139.99

wild illusion

So after going through all the cameras on this list, you’re probably noticing that there are a lot of nice cameras out there. So what sets the Illusion 12 camera apart from others? This camera has Wildgame Innovations’ Flextime+ time-lapse technology that lets you run the camera in time-lapse mode without filling up your memory card too quickly. Time-lapse is a great way to see things that go on around your area that won’t always trip the sensors. This way you can run that feature and not fill up a memory card in a few hours and be done.

This article was produced in cooperation with Cabela’s.

Images courtesy Cabela's

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