How sharp are your eyes? Regardless of whether you’re hiking, hunting, fishing, or biking, countless animals pass by in the background without you noticing, and that’s the key to their survival. Sometimes its a wary mountain lion tracking your progress through its territory, but oftentimes it’s more harmless critters. Can you find the hidden critters in the 10 photos below? Some are easier to locate than others, and sometimes there’s more than one animal per image.

Take your best shot below. If you want to try an easier critter hunt (one with the species listed!), check out our camouflaged animals list here, or our hidden deer list here.

Image from Twitter
Image from Twitter


Here’s another “Where’s the critter?”#FindIt #RMEF (thanks to Jess C. Field for the image)

Posted by Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation on Saturday, May 23, 2015


Share when you spot the critter!!!#RMEF #FindTheCritter #Wildlife(thanks to Bill Carlson for the image)

Posted by Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation on Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Can you spot the critters? Hint: there are 2 of them…#RMEF #SpotTheCritter #Wildlife #Camo(thanks to Clark Phillips for the picture)

Posted by Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation on Monday, July 6, 2015


Want to see more? Check out this gallery of hidden wildlife at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s Facebook page.

Featured image from Twitter

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