It seems that 2015 is the year of the animal selfie, and wildlife officials are far from happy about it. Whether it’s taking selfies with venomous rattlesnakes, Yellowstone bison, or bears, some people will stop at nothing to get the perfect picture. That has resulted in painful bites, being flung into the air by angry wildlife, or in the worst-case scenario, being mauled. Park managers across the country have repeatedly asked visitors to avoid taking selfies with resident wildlife but those warnings seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

Just recently, Waterton Canyon park in Colorado closed after officials were fed up with too many people trying to take selfies with the bears there.

“We’ve actually seen people using selfie sticks to try and get as close to the bears as possible, sometimes within 10 feet of wild bears,” Brandon Ransom, Denver Water’s manager of recreation, told the New York Daily News.

Closing the park appears to have been a good idea, since the management already started receiving reports of bears chasing visitors. Earlier this year, several tourists to Yellowstone were gored by bison after intentionally approaching the animals for a selfie. The incidents prompted several warnings from frustrated park staff.

What’s the lesson in all this? Stop taking selfies with wild animals! In some occasions it can be safe, but if you’re that close to the critter, you’re probably too safe for comfort. Yellowstone rangers advise that visitors should stay at least 25 yards from all large animals, and 100 yards from predators such as bears or wolves. The photos below definitely violate that rule.

The worst part about taking wildlife selfies? When you’re trying to sneak up on an animal, that’s when you’re most likely to startle it.

1. That bear doesn’t look too happy to see you

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2. That’s way closer than 25 yards


3. We don’t think bears understand the peace symbol


4. There’s running with the bulls, and then there’s this


5. At least there’s no bulls around


6. Hey that’s not a chew toy!

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7. It looks peaceful, but this bison could get real mad real quick


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8. I think that bear saw you


9. This one definitely did


10. Momma moose with calf spells trouble

11. Out on a bike ride

12. #BearSelfie #HopeItDoesntChaseMe #ShouldntHaveSkippedLegDay


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4 thoughts on “12 Animal Selfies That Were All Terrible Ideas

  1. The folks of our generation are so unbelievably stupid when it comes to the natural world that it makes one dizzy. Whatever happens to these A-holes as they engage in their risky behavior is richly deserved and I have no sympathy for them.

  2. The Disney generation. Also the liberal generation. Arrogance and stupidity don’t make a good mix. I believe #8 wound up a snack, if not a meal….. Not funny

  3. It’s all yuck it up time until the shit hits the fan then the laughs and smiles turn to screams. Whatever happens, happens. You can’t fix stupid. Many of them deserve whatever happens to them.

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