10 Odd Animals That Look Photoshopped but Are Real


Have you ever seen a picture of something you swore was photoshopped? Faking a believable photo can be harder than you think. It takes an incredible amount of creativity, knowledge, and skill to make changes to that bass you just caught. Getting rid of red eye is easy enough, but if you want to add a few more points to that buck you got last week, you might need to call in a professional.

Which of these got you scratching your head?

1. Alligator


There’s no way that alligator is real, right? Even if it was, wouldn’t it be a world record? Well, it was certainly close. According to South Carolina Sportsman, Mary Ellen Christian and Mark Christian caught this beast in 2009 in South Carolina. It measured over 13 feet and 1,000 pounds.

2. Grass carp

Image from Facebook

This four-foot-long, 60-pound grass carp was retrieved from a drainage ditch in Olathe, Kansas. When animal control officer Jamie Schmidt first got the call, she thought it was somebody’s idea of a joke. You can read more about it here.

3. Black bear

Not much is known about this rotund black bear, but the person who photographed it said it was spotted near the town dump towards the end of fall, just around the time when bears were plumping up for hibernation.

4. Golden eagle with a knife

Eagles are already fearsome predators, so do they really need to be armed? Dutch photographer Han Bouwmeester captured this image in Västerbotten, Sweden in 2013 when he was cutting up meat to attract predators. Instead of grabbing the meat, this bird decided to steal the knife instead.

Fat Black Bear

5.  Albino sturgeon

albino sturgeon
Image from Facebook

You don’t see much of these anymore. This massive albino sturgeon was caught and released by Chad Helmer in British Columbia in October. Read the full story here.

6. Gray wolf

Image from Twitter

You may have seen this picture being shared online with the claim that it was harvested in Michigan. This wolf did not come from Michigan, but it is real. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources said it was actually harvested on a game farm in Canada. You can read more about it here

7. Kangaroo

muscleroo Woah, that kangaroo looks like it hits the gym a bit too much. Well, we’ll never know just how much it benches, but this intimidating kangaroo—which the locals have named Dave—decided to terrorize a town in Australia earlier this year. Read the full story here or watch the video below.


8. Whitetail buck

CardThis picture has been floating around for a few years and despite how it looks, it has not been photoshopped. If internet rumor is to be believed, this buck was harvested by a teen hunter on a game farm.

9. Mola mola

sunfish No, it’s not an alien. This is a sunfish, also known as Mola mola. This massive one was found by divers off the coast of Portugal. You can watch the video of it below.

10. Whitetail buck

This fat buck is the only one we’re not really sure about. The deer was reportedly taken near Markesan, Wisconsin several years ago. Hunters have since speculated that trapped gases or a genetic defect have caused the buck to swell up, but since neither the buck nor its hunter was ever positively identified, nobody really knows for sure. Card  Photo by TRUTH609

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