No Vension? 5 Other Wild Game and Fish Jerkies You Should Try


There’s nothing like a good strip of venison jerky, but sometimes you have to broaden your horizons. Members of the deer family—deer, elk, moose, and so on—arguably make for some of the best jerkies, but there are plenty of other wild game and fish that also well suited to being dehydrated. Ever try bear jerky? Bear may have a bad reputation for being an inflexible meat that can only be made into roasts or sausages, but that’s only until you try bear jerky. What about goose, or rabbit, or salmon? Of course, there’s always the familiar alternative to vension and beer jerky, turkey.

Whether you’re looking to stock up on these chewy snacks or looking for new ways to cook your harvest—and salvage that meat you have left—here are five ways to jerkify your game.

1. Bear jerky

2. Rabbit jerky

3. Goose jerky

4. Salmon jerky

5. Turkey jerky

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