A new startup company by the name of Zore is encouraging gun owners to ditch the bedside safe for its new, patented gun lock. The Zore X is a lock designed for semi-automatic pistols, and how it works is actually very clever. The lock is caliber-specific and includes a “bullet” that can be chambered. By racking the slide and pressing a button in the side of the device, the fake bullet expands into the chamber and essentially locks up the gun—not allowing the slide to travel. To remove the lock, simply enter a short code in the attached dial and rack the slide again.

Sounds simple enough, but is it actually too complicated when compared to traditional weapon locks? With the Zore X, the company says that gun owners will not have to fumble for keys or try to enter a combination in the dark.

“Safes are not always accessible, and are hard to operate in the dark. Locks can be difficult to operate,” stated the company’s website.  “Smart guns are simply unreliable. Taking unreliable technology and actually putting it IN the gun itself is a recipe for disaster. Carrying a gun that needs to think before it shoots is unacceptable.”

Zore claims to have been founded by a group of Israeli IDF Special Forces and veterans from the elite technology unit.

“Having families in Israel and experiencing ongoing terror—our daily lives require guns for self-defense. We know they only way to really protect our loved ones is by ourselves,” the company stated. “While safe storage for our guns has always been a priority, we absolutely refuse to compromise on accessibility.”

The Zore X is currently still under development.

Image screenshot of video by ZØRE X on YouTube

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11 thoughts on “Video: New High-tech Lock Makes Your Gun the Safe

    1. Well I don’t know. Personally I keep my pistol in a drawer and it would be nice to know if someone fiddles with it when I’m not around…

      1. BTW – ZORE will be offering a motion detector that attaches to guns with a magnet without the whole bullet part for people who don’t lock their guns.

  1. The company claims “No more trying to enter a combination in the dark” My pistol safe has a lighted dial. It doesn’t look like this product is lit. So where is the improvement?

    1. “In addition that dial doesn’t have to start from one particular spot, so theoretically you can dial it while in the dark and unlock it”

  2. The short video shows a device which when turned in the requisite directions and amount lights up and releases . At the same time it makes a companion device react with sounds and lights . The problem is telling video makes the locking/warning device seem to be an attractive nuisance and aimed at children like an electronic game . I am sure it is a serious and effective device but the company has got to lose that video !

  3. I was listening to Mideast Radio Forum on Sun Afternoon and their was an Israeli on there who claimed VERY FEW people can get a permit to have a firearm. Even a COL who recently retired from there armed forces could NOT get a permit to BUY!!
    Everyone thinks the Israili’s are heavily armed due to seeing all the soldiers all the time with their rifles!

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