Mossy Oak Founder Toxey Haas learned how to turkey hunt from his dad, Carl Fox Haas.

Known to many as Mr. Fox, this film is a tribute to his legacy and passion for the outdoors, which has been passed down to his son, Toxey, and grandsons, Neill and Daniel.

“Going on hunts with my daddy has been one of my favorite things to do since I was a kid,” said Toxey.  “Now, to see my boys making it a priority to hunt with their ‘Papaw’ has been extra-special to watch and live out.”

As you’ll see in the film, Mr. Fox (holding the turkey in the photo above) has shot at least one turkey a year for 70 hunting seasons (there were 3 years he was in the hospital and couldn’t go). Trust us on this one: There are several twists and turns in this video that will leave you shaking your head in disbelief.

Mr. Fox recently celebrated his 87th birthday, and Moss Oak produced this short film in honor of the founding father of Haas Outdoors and the Mossy Oak brand. Mr. Carl Fox Haas is a living legend in the outdoors industry. Period.

Watch and enjoy. And happy birthday Mr. Fox!

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