Video: Lake Trout Fall Feeding Frenzy


In January, I set a New Year’s Resolution of my favorite variety (fishing related) and shared it with the OutdoorHub community. My mission in 2017 was to catch my first-ever Manitoba Master Angler lake trout.

I came up just 2 inches shy, catching a beautiful 33-incher at Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge and having a blast in the process (never mind the fact that 20 minutes after releasing the 33-incher, I hooked and lost what was, in all likelihood, a larger trout).

Now I know what I did wrong: I quit my mission too soon. I went during the summer, and while I of course knew the fall bite for trophy lakers could be fantastic, this new “Manitoba Hot Bite” video has me drooling and daydreaming about next year.

The water’s cold and the action is hot in this clip that is well worth the 80 seconds it takes to watch. When autumn weather brings water temps to below 55 degrees on northern Manitoba’s Clearwater Lake, the action gets intense. And you can catch monsters casting swim baits — how much fun would that be?

Just watch . . . and think about what you’re doing next fall. I think I have a pretty good idea.

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