I’ve watched a decent number of hunting and fishing shows on TV and online through the years, and I’ve even been in front of the camera on several of them. (Click here to see the one deer hunting show that I NEVER miss.) Does that qualify me as an expert? Hardly.

However, there is one thing that drives me crazy when I watch hunting shows, and specifically those programs where the hosts are bowhunting for whitetails. Drum roll please . . .

My No. 1 pet peeve is when a bowhunter immediately celebrates his or her “success” after the arrow strikes the animal and the deer runs off. You know the drill — the massive buck runs off camera and immediately the show host is pumping their fist and talking smack to whomever will listen (i.e. the cameraman and ultimately the viewers).

Fact: Even if you THINK you made a perfect double-lung shot, something can ALWAYS go wrong. As veteran turkey hunters often warn: Roosted is not roasted.

My wish is that hunting show hosts would be a bit more cautious in their immediate after-shot celebrations. Heck, I’ve even seen these “experts” celebrate shots where an arrow clearly hits too far back, too high, too low, etc. Instead of celebrating, they should be on their knees praying to Saint Anthony (patron saint of lost things) for assistance on the blood-trail.

The video below has nothing to do with bowhunting or outdoor TV, but I think it perfectly sums up the reason why you shouldn’t celebrate too early. (Be sure to turn up the volume for the best viewing experience.) Classic!

And good luck hunting this weekend; here in the Midwest, it’s prime time!

Image from Muddy Outdoors Facebook

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