Bar Fire Destroys Everything but The American Flag


The American flag has been a symbol of freedom since it’s creation in 1777 and has endured a great deal since then. 

A recent bar fire in Pennsylvania has provided us with an amazing piece of symbolism. After the fire raged all night and completely destroyed the building, there was only one salvageable item left, the American Flag. Here is more from Fox News.

(Fox News) — After a fire broke out at a Pennsylvania bar early Friday, everything was destroyed — everything but an American flag, that is.

The fire, which occurred at Chubby’s Tavern in Dawson, Pa., started just before 2 a.m. on Friday, firefighters with the Dawson Volunteer Fire Company told KDKA-TV.

The building was completely destroyed


“It was a fully engulfed commercial structure fire. It was through the roof from the get-go,” Second Capt. Steve Swiger told the news station.

“The only thing we seen that we could salvage was an American flag that was at the entrance of the building,” he said.

No one was injured in the fire, per KDKA-TV. Officials are still investigating to determine the cause of the blaze.


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