Top Tips For Quail Hunting In Georgia


As is true with all other forms of hunting, quail hunting is going to present you with a unique set of challenges.

Quail are among some of the most popular upland birds to hunt. The primary reason, is for their meat, which is renowned across the world for being incredibly tasty. But quail meat is also a reward that only comes as a result of great effort and determination, because quail have a reputation for being among the more difficult species of upland birds to track down.

Quail hunting in Georgia, or anywhere else for that matter, is going to require a lot of preparation, planning, and patience on your part. It also requires boots on the ground, so get out there and scout!

But still, quail hunting is by no means impossible. They are found throughout the United States and in virtually any kind of habit that you can think of.  With the right approach, it’s more than possible to bring home a limit on your very first hunt – we make no promises, however!

With all that in mind, here are the top tips for quail hunting in Georgia:

Be Strategic About The Weather

The very first thing you should be strategic about when hunting quail is the weather. While you may think the best type of weather to hunt quail in will be when it’s dry, hot, and sunny out, in reality just the opposite is true.

Quail are, in fact, far more likely to be active when it is cloudy, wet, and humid. No, this may not represent the most fun hunting opportunity (who likes to be out in the field when it’s raining and cold out?) But it does present your best opportunity, and that’s what matters.

Why are quail more active when it’s wet and humid out, you might wonder?  The answer is simple: food.

Bugs and worms are a staple of the quail’s diet, and bugs – especially worms – are far more active when it’s muddy and wet out.

Use The Right Shotgun

Quail Hunting

You can hunt for quail with virtually any kind of shotgun you want to, but that doesn’t mean all shotguns are the right fit. Since quail are smaller game birds, comparable in size to a grouse, you will be better served with a smaller caliber such as .410 bore or a 28 gauge.

If you do opt for a larger shotgun, such as 12 or 20 gauge, you’ll want to use a lighter load for either in order to reduce the chances of ruining the meat.

Hunt Out In The Open

Quail are far more likely to be found in open areas versus dense woods and areas of brush. Cropland, weeded areas, open fields, and prairies are prime places to travel for quail hunting in Georgia. You’ll find quail feeding on seeds and worms in these areas, as well as setting up nests and congregating together.

Quail Hunting

Move Against The Wind

Not just for quail but for bird hunting in general, you’ll want to move against the direction of the wind rather than with it.

This is because quail have excellent hearing, and the noise you create will always be amplified when you are heading downwind. But in contrast, when you head upwind, the noise you create is muffled considerably.

Heading upwind also makes it much easier for your hunting dog(s) to pick up on the quail’s scent. It will be much easier for your dog to pinpoint the quail when it is more wet and humid outside as well.

Quail Hunting
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