Quotes for self-defense and preparedness


If you’re like most defensive minded folks these days your safety and that of your family is taken seriously. Perhaps you have taken appropriate steps to always carry concealed. Perhaps you ensure that other EDC items like a flashlight, extra magazine, a blade, and medical gear are with you to the extent possible. Maybe you’ve stepped your range time and related training. You’ve put back extra, food, water, and other necessities, and you have varying modes of transportation and routes to take if need be.

Throughout history those who realize that the police and military cannot be everywhere at once have left us with some thoughts to inspire us when it comes to our own security and self-reliance. Many who have lived through confrontation and chaos have become philosophical in their later years, leaving us with words of wisdom to live by. Consider the following quotes and learn from those who wrote them.

Jeff Cooper, founder of Gunsite Training Academy in Arizona, has left us with many thoughts regarding defensive living. He also authored or co-authored many books; one of the best known is Art of the Rifle. Although Mr. Cooper is no longer living, his quotes on defensive mindset will be long remembered. One of my favorites is–

“Man fights with his mind; the weapons are incidental.”

In other words think and be smart in your day-to-day defensive living and mindset. Mental determination and tenacity can go a long way in life threatening circumstances. Think ahead of ways you may be able to react in a high-risk event, doing so only enables you to respond more decisively.

Although I have no idea of its origin I can’t help but admire the wisdom of the following quote: 

“Only a fool confuses preparedness with paranoia.” —Unknown

Be prepared in your daily life; don’t assume the civil authorities will be there for you in a crisis. There are many ways to be prepared, not the least of which is to train in the ways of self-defense and have the means to survive in the case of civil unrest, wildfires, earthquakes, major weather events, or other forms of chaos.

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During his career with the Los Angeles Police Department, Police Chief Daryl Gates experienced both the Watts Riots and the Los Angeles Riots among other high profile incidents. He knew it all too well when he said:

There are going to be situations where people are going to go without assistance. That’s just the facts of life.”

 In times of mass chaos and emergency you will in all likelihood be on your own. Plan accordingly and then still have a backup plan! Your needs and requirements are unique to you and your family, but obvious needs should not be overlooked: food, water, shelter, communication, medical, transportation and of course self-defense.

Where does the Bible weigh in on this topic of self-reliance? Consider the following scripture where Jesus instructed his disciples to buy a sword.

And he that hath no sword let him sell his garment, and buy one.” – Luke 22:36

While there is much discussion as to whether Jesus’s meaning to the disciples was for self-defense, there is little doubt his intention was for the disciples be self-reliant and prepared.

Bottom line:  every person should be prepared in life to the extent possible. I’m not talking about being paranoid, just a general state of awareness, self-reliance and confidence is perhaps the best path to walk. Where does your current state of readiness stand? The Boy Scout Motto really sums it up, “Be Prepared.” I could not agree more.

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