A Bowhunter’s Overview of Lancaster Archery Supply


Are you looking for a reputable place to purchase bows and archery related equipment and possibly get some archery training in as well? This is exactly why we’re going to talk about Lancaster Archery Supply, the largest archery shop in the entire nation.

Lancaster Archery Supply, also known as LAS for short, has been in business since 1983. The company grew by providing archery equipment to people and organizations all across the world. The wide variety of products that they offer combined with their reputation for excellent quality customer service, and recently, the company has further expanded to include archery classes too.

So, to put this into perspective, Lancaster Archery Supply is not exactly a manufacturer of archery related products, but rather an outlet and distributor of them.  This is a company that can provide archery products and services to people, communities, and organizations from all over the world, so you can be rest assured in knowing that regardless of which manufacturer buy from, it’s going to be a quality and reputable manufacturer if it’s from Lancaster Archery.

As was noted above, the company was born in 1983. Specifically, LAS founder and president Rob Kaufhold built the business in a very small block building out in the rural areas of Pennsylvania.

It seems that many large companies and organizations in America were born in garages and small warehouses, and LAS is certainly no exception to that.

But today, the company has grown exponentially, from an original six employees to several hundred today. They also now occupy not just one building but two, with a grand total of over a hundred and ten thousand square feet between the two buildings.

The original building, measuring over thirty thousand square feet, houses their Pro Shop and Lancaster Archery Academy and Shooting Center.

Then the second building, which measures over eighty thousand square feet in all, houses the company’s offices and shipping warehouse.

All together, Lancaster Archery is one of the largest companies in the archery business today. The heart and soul of the business is the pro shop, as this is what the business started out as originally. The business soon attracted the attention of bow users, including both target shooters and hunters, from Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, and the surrounding area.

By the 1990s, the company has grown to also become a distributor and not just a pro shop, and it began to ship products to other pro shops and dealers all over the nation.  After they had expanded nationwide and began to build a very sizable reputation for themselves, the company then soon began to ship products worldwide as well.

In 2013, Lancaster Archery then grew from being a pro shop and distributor to also being an archery training academy.

With classes designed for both heavily experienced bowhunters and beginners, as well as youth and hunters and target shooters, nearly ten thousand people have been taught at the company’s various ranges.

The academy then grew even further to also include entire tournaments, camps, and even one-on-one lessons besides the classes. Why go to Lancaster Archery Training Academy to gain experience and knowledge in how to use a bow? Simple: they know what they’re doing, and the classes are taught by some of the most experienced and proficient bow professionals in the entire world. How cool is that?

All in all, Lancaster Archery today holds the claim to fame of being the largest archery shop in the United States. They have a total inventory of nearly a hundred thousand products and from almost one thousand manufacturers, with these products being shipped all over the globe.

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