Escape and Evasion: Three kits that can help


People are a resource. They are a resource the forces of good used to make the world a better place. They are also resources used by the monsters of the world. How do you avoid being preyed upon by such monsters?

Kidnapping and abduction happen in this nation and no one sees it coming. We have an article here that will help you both see it before it comes and react if you find yourself in such a situation.

7 Quick Tips Regarding Escape and Evasion

Immediate Escape

One of the most important methods in responding to an abduction is to fight as hard as you can, as soon as you can. You want to do your very best to escape the moment you are being attacked. The longer you are with an abductor the smaller the window for escape. While you are healthy and vicious, give them hell!


If you get free you need to put as much distance between you and your abductors as possible. This will give you the ability to take further steps to evade them. Remember, space is not just about how fast you can run. Its also about immediate obstacles. What can you throw down to hinder their ability to run. Where can you run that might keep them from getting you. Lets say they are in a car and you escape the trunk. You don’t run down the street you hit the alley where their car cannot pursue you.


If you have put distance between you and your abductor you can now start to concern yourself with things like tracks and other cues of which direction you went. This is very important. If they cannot pick up your trail again then you are going to be lost to them and they will have to settle for a failure in their efforts. That is a victory for you!


If you can stay calm you will also be able to use fake tracks or trails to lead the attackers in the opposite direction. This is as simple as leaving tracks that show you going in one direction while actually heading off in another. This can be a big help in putting distance between you and those who are after you.


If you can use the environment to hide you, you will be able to use natural camouflage to hide from your abductors. Chances are they will not spend a lot of time in one area looking for you. They understand, instinctively, that you are going to be near impossible to find if you put too much distance between you and them.

Keep still and keep hidden long after they leave the area. Take note of the direction they traveled and immediately get to the nearest home or business and call the police. This will not only keep you safe but it could save others, as well.

Tools of Escape

There are a number of simple tools that you can keep on your person to help aid in escape and evasion. Naturally any self defense weapon is going to allow you to inflict damage to your attacker and that will, likely, slow them down or stop them altogether.

If you are held captive, things like handcuff keys, shims and lock-picks can be a great help. These tools are incredibly effective and hide on your person well. You will see them in the kits we have listed below.


All things come down to your attitude. You are going to be able to define a situation based on your attitude. Your survival will be a matter you control if you keep the right mindset, stay positive, aware and wait for your time to escape.

Of course, your attitude towards everyday preparedness will also play a roll in this. If you operate a lifestyle that emphasizes physical fitness, good health, self defense and awareness, you will be a hard person to attack.


ITS Tactical SPIE (Special Purpose Insert Extraction) Kit

escape and evasion 1
ITS SPIE Kit – $49.99

This is one of the most effective kits on the market. It features a ton of well thought out gear that can change the game in a escape and evasion situation. Here is their description.

The SPIE™ (Special Purpose Insertion Extraction) Kit is our solution for the tools needed during an Escape and Evasion or a Home Invasion Scenario to escape from illegal restraint. This kit was not designed to thwart Law Enforcement or endanger those protecting our streets daily.

What I like most about this kit is the small folding saw, the Kevlar cordage for cutting through restrains and the easy to conceal handcuff keys. While the kit offers much more these items standout most.


escape and evasion 2
Vigilant Gear® Micro SERE Kit 2.0 – $65.00

Another great kit designed with escape in mind. This offers a few items that might surprise you. Things like the quick fire tinder and the signaling mirror could double as survival gear. There are some interesting tools in this pack, that comes with its own case, the quick stick and micro escape tool come to mind.


E2 Escape and Evasion Training Kit

escape and evasion 3
E2 Escape and Evasion Training Kit – $260.00

While the previous kits feature some cutting edge tech in the world of escape and evasion, this kit is truly where the rubber meets the road. When you talk about escape and evasion you have to consider it as a combination of two things

  1. The tools needed to survive a situation
  2. The skills to use those tools

A lot of good a fancy escape and evasion kit will do you if you have no idea whats in it or how to use any of it! This kit is designed with practice in mind. Its called the E2 escape and evasion training kit because you get 2 sets of handcuffs and three locks along with all the tools needed to crack them. One luck is a clear cutaway so you can observe the mechanisms as you pick the lock.

With this collection of tools you will have the things you need to practice with the tools and that will add exponential benefits to your E&E skillset.


You don’t need a full kit to understand and improve your skills of escape and evasion. However, having the right tools and knowing how to use them could make a big difference if you, God forbid, find yourself in a situation like that.

We cannot disregard the importance of understanding the role of personal awareness in kidnappings and abductions. Unless you are targeted specifically, you have to understand that criminals are looking for easy targets. They don’t want to fight you off, they want you to go limp with fear. They want you to be staring into your phone with no one around. Practicing better situation awareness can help you avoid and E&E situation long before you need tools or skills to get out of handcuffs.

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