Huk Performance Fishing Presents “The Grind” – Tossing Flies for Giant Muskie


How do you make catching the fish of 1000 casts even harder? Break out the trusty fly rods and start tossing flies at them. Whether you’ve recently been bit by the muskie fishing bug, or you’ve been chasing these fish for years, Huk’s latest video “The Grind” is something you need to sit down and watch.

In the video, join Mike McNaught as he begins his journey traveling all over Ontario with one goal in mind: Hooking into giant muskie on the fly.

A mission of that magnitude led him on a 26 hour drive to Anderson’s lodge on Lac Seul – the mecca of muskie fishing. Lac Seul is a huge body of water with a smorgasbord of structure for anglers to choose from, which further adds to the challenge of an already daunting task.

After a few shots at big fish, Mike returned to southern Ontario to finish off the season with friends and to catch multiple fish of a lifetime.

For Mike, muskie fishing is a grind. But one that he loves and respects.

Without further ado, turn up the volume and enjoy this super cool video from Huk:

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