SIG’s Basic Whiskey Riflescope


John J. Woods

Magnolia Outdoor Communications


There seems to be no plausible reason or explanation just why the famous gun making firm of Sig-Sauer would name a line of riflescopes Whiskey. There is certainly nothing on their web site of product information that leads to any clue about this unique marketing strategy.  I mean, except for tangling with customer feedback over aligning with a particular brand of whiskey, I will elect to think my SIG Whiskey 3 scope stands in the shadow of my fav, Wild Turkey.

That was just for fun, because naming an optical riflescope after a type of alcoholic drink really does not matter anyway. However, for you conspiracy theorists out there, if you check on the naming of other SIG optical products you may find a common theme.  That is the names Tango, Whiskey, Bravo and Romeo may be copied from common military mission communication code names.  Sounds reasonable to me.

Be that as it may, if you are looking for a basic riflescope for hunting, target work, or just plinking at the junkyard, then take a serious look at the SIG Whiskey 3. For just this purpose I recently acquired a SIG Whiskey 3x9x40 scope to hold in reserve for the next hunting rifle project.

I mean, it was too good a deal to pass up. This scope retails for around $229 but was recently on sale for $119.00 at the local Academy store.  Along with a $20 coupon I got in the mail, I plucked this last one left off the shelf for under $100.  The point here for shooters, hunters, preppers, and survivalists is to shop around for everything you buy and always use an available coupon.

Right away I can hear the howls of “cheap” because I was lucky to get a good price on this scope. But this SIG Whiskey scope is in no way a cheapo piece of junk.  First, you have to respect the SIG name and the fact that this scope comes with their SIG SAUER Infinite Guarantee.  This guarantee is unlimited, transferable, requires no warranty card, no receipt, no time limit, and at no charge.  What else could you possibly want?

The SIG Whiskey 3x9x40 comes in a black matte finish, 12.3 inches long, a Quadplex reticle, and a focus eye adjustment with protective rubber eye ring. It has 3.5 inches of eye relief, a 100 yard field of view of 33.9 feet at 3x and 11.3 feet at 9x.  The scope weighs 15.7 ounces.

For a basic use riflescope, the SIG Whiskey 3 certainly deserves a serious inspection.

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