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Updated 10/07/15 2:33am
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The Desert Tech SRS-A1 at the range.

Desert Tech SRS-A1 Covert Rifle

Countless studies have been conducted about the correlation between barrel length and rifle accuracy. Progressive thinking and advancements in ammunition ballistics have demonstrated that the axiom “longer is always better” is simply not true in most circumstances. My focus as a law enforcement (LE) sniper team leader has been on the…

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Lancer's L15 Outlaw Rifle

Bombs, Brakes, and Bullets: Range Time with Lancer Systems

Quick, which company does all of the following? Makes composite 2,000-pound-bomb fins for the Israeli military. Designs and manufactures harsh-environment, fiber-optic camera solutions to withstand massive heat and pressure. If Brendan Fraser had this gear before his Journey to the Center of the Earth, we all could…

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