Updated 09/15/14 12:03am
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Want to lower the risk of Lyme disease in your neighborhood? Call out the deer hunters.

Study: Urban Deer Hunting Reduces Chance of Lyme Disease

It should come as little surprise to many hunters that Lyme disease and other deer-related illnesses have a direct correlation to the number of deer living near a residential community. Scientists with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s Wildllife Division recently published a study that…

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King of Bucks

Brenda Valentine’s Snowy Alabama Whitetail Hunt Featured on Bass Pro Shops King of Bucks

If hunting Alabama whitetails in the snow seems strange to people, imagine how winter weather short circuits a southern buck’s brain. Those were exactly the cards Brenda Valentine, RedHead Pro Hunting team member, was dealt.  See how she copes with these whitetails gone wild by…

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