How To Pack Out an Elk on a DIY Hunt



The easiest way to get your elk out of the woods is to have horses or mules, but if you like me you don’t own such any kind of animal transportation. One option is to rent pack horses at your base camp city and just take them in with you. The only trouble with this approach is that you have to manage the critter while you’re on the hunt. For me it’s not a problem of getting in or getting out of the mountains with no trophy, it’s a matter of needing some help when you actually put meat on the ground.

My solution is to own a satellite phone and a prearranged deal with a local cowboy. All he needs is your GPS location and a time to be there and just like that you have some help. These deals are best done in cash and/or meat trading, but they are definitely worth the. Sometimes I even get the cowboy to take me up to the trail head at the beginning of the hunt so that we are clear on where to come in,  and this has the added bonus of meaning I can leave my truck in town.

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