When your out camping, more times than not, you’ll need a flashlight or lantern for something at sometime in the night.

I’ve found after countless fumblings with a flashlight I have found that the best tool I could possibly have in my gear bag is a headlamp.  I’m also an avid hunter and thus I have a headlamp or two in my hunting bag because its way easier walking down a trail pre-dawn or post-dusk with a headlamp than flashlight in one hand and bow in the other.

The same goes for camping, it never fails that at sometime in the night you’ll have to get up for something or someone.  Either way, it usually requires you to have both hands free or at least it makes thing easier to have both hands free.  Headlamps come in a variety of sizes, brightness and operation systems.  With this variety comes a range of price points for them as well.  Get what you feel you need – something to light your way, but be sure to try them and see how they fit and that they point light where you want it.  After all, having light is different from having light WHERE you need it.

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