When hunting for antelope it is highly recommended to choose hunting in blinds by water holes, as this is the best opportunity you can expect. You can construct blinds close to the water holes using natural materials such as weeds. Be sure to make the blind large enough to enhance comfort as you will most likely have to wait for hours before spotting your prey. Once antelope are spotted, bow hunters takes advantage of the curiosity of antelope to investigate anything new. In fact, you can even wave your hand kerchief to lure them closer before taking a shot. The moment you spot the antelope, you must plan the best course of action to intercept them. Equipment you have to carry on your bow hunting trips includes arrows, bows, wrists strap, sight, hunting gear case, clothing, stabilizer and quiver. You can choose from a range of bows including cross bows, compound bows, recurves or stick bows.

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