When planning a hunt out of country, you have to make sure that you get exactly what you want. When you start your planning here are a few tips to follow when figuring out your perfect dream hunt.

  • Don’t go “over gunned.” Anything from a .270 to a .300 Magnum will suffice for African plains game. Bring a rifle that you like to shoot, and practice with it out to 200 yards.
  • If you are going to be pursuing any of Africa’s larger animals or dangerous game use a .375 H&H caliber rifle or larger.
  • Tell your guide exactly what your expectations are in terms of trophy quality for each animal that is important to you.
  • Let you guide deal with the paper work for getting your gun into South America
  • Bring along good quality hunting gear because you never know what weather you may run in to.
  • Wear darker colors rather than khaki or tan. The light colors reflect more light off of them.

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