There are many fly fishing tricks out there but a tie like this is sure to get the job done. The devil bug, also known as the doodle bug,  tie is of the best flies for catching wild brook trout. Here are the steps to making the perfect tie to catch the fish your looking for.

  1. Choose a size to match your trout, the #6/#8 is my all around choice, but as the photo shows I have tied them as small as #12
  2. Tie on your thread, 3/0 preferred, red best or white if you have to.
  3. Wrap 1/3 of shank back from eye with fine lead wire.
  4. Wrap lead wire with thread and return thread to bend of hook
  5. Glue the windings with super glue.
  6. Tie in a short shank of red antron or poly blend yarn, knitters yarn is fine.
  7. Tie off yarn leaving a good 12 inch piece of thread hanging at bend of hook, trim away excess yarn.
  8. Retie thread at eye and wind back about 1/16 inch or less, leave room behind eye for later tie off.
  9. Wrap yarn up to thread and tie off.
  10. Take a short clump of white deer hair about an inch to 1 1/2 inches long. (be sure to stack it evenly) Then tie it in place first in the front. Be sure hair flairs but stays centered on top of shank. Glue thread/hair where it touches yarn. One drop each side.
  11. Now go back to bend of hook and using the 12 inch pece of thread, wrap the deer hair and tie it in place. Be sure it flairs as well as the front. (Glue it as you did the front.)
  12. Clip the deer hair “heads” evenly but not to short. This hair is what floats the bug, and looks buggier the bushier the heads are.

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