Wildfires are severe natural disasters, but they are often manmade. These steps can help your community get ready for the awful event of a wildfire.

You can raise awareness about wildland fires by sharing important information with you community. Here are some suggestions:

If you work for a newspaper or have a neighborhood newsletter, publish a special section with emergency information about wildland fires. Localize the information by printing the phone numbers of local emergency services, the American Red Cross, and hospitals. Report the areas most at risk from wildland fires and let people know of the advantages of creating a fire safety zone around structures and of using fire-resistant roofing materials when building or re-reroofing.

Work with local emergency services and American Red Cross officials to prepare special reports for people with mobility problems on what to do if an evacuation is ordered.

Print local building codes and weed abatement ordinances for structures built near wooded areas.

Report on the advantages of regular chimney sweepings.

Periodically inform your community of local public warning systems.


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