Tired of doing the one-legged, two armed tug-o-war with your archery target to remove your carbon arrows?  Here’s a quick tip that will make the whole ordeal null and void regardless of your target material.

Head on down to your local auto parts store and pick up a bottle of Meguiar’s Endurance (Long Lasting) tire gel wax.  This stuff will not only spiff up the sidewalls of your truck tires; it will add an ultra-slick surface treatment to carbon arrows in seconds.

If you’re concerned about the smell associated with applying chemicals to your hunting shafts, fear not.  This product has a pleasant, mild grape candy smell that fades rapidly after a day or so.  I’ve not experienced any issues with spooking game in the field nor would I expect to given the sweet odor.  If you’re still concerned about it, you can always keep your target and hunting shafts separate.

You can treat a dozen arrows in about 10 minutes.  Here’s how it’s done:

1. Apply a small amount onto a dry cotton cloth.  I use an old T-shirt.

2. Then apply the wax to the front half of the shaft, making sure you coat it evenly.  I typically will coat a dozen at a time and set them aside as I go.

3. Once you’ve coated all the shafts, turn over your cloth to a clean, dry area and buff out the shaft, removing all excess wax.  You’ll notice instantly how slippery the surface becomes.  I’d venture to say the coefficient of friction is easily cut in half with one coating of this wax.

There you have it.  You’ll enjoy the ease of removing carbon arrows from any target with this simple tip.  When you notice your arrows sticking again, simply apply another coat of wax.

Happy Shooting!

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