Revolvers are common personal defense and target shooting weapons. Knowing how to clean them and keep them well lubricated is something every shooter should know. The Box O’ Truth has an excellent illustrated guide.

I’ve had a few friends ask me how to properly clean and lubricate a weapon. I will try to demonstrate the best way to do these tasks, as my 50+ years of experience have taught me.

First off, let’s get the “WD-40” question out of the way. For some reason that I simply cannot understand, some folks have an unreasonable hatred of WD-40 and even say things like “I’d never put that stuff on my firearms!” I’ve been using WD-40 as a cleaner/solvent and rust preventative for 50+ years and have never had a single bit of rust or any other problem with it. Maybe it is that some folks don’t know what to use it for. Regardless, it is my primary solvent when I clean guns.

To read the rest of this article, please head to the Box O’ Truth, an Outdoor Hub Network member.

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