One of the best ways to preserve your hunting experience is by putting it on film. Taking a camera up instead of a gun every once in a while can give you the ability to relive an otherwise once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Below, the National Wild Turkey Federation’s staff of videographers and photographers have compiled some tips to help you get started.

Video Magic

From blown setups to tagging trophy long beards, NWTF videographer Brian Godfrey has seen it all through the viewfinder of his camera. Here are some of his tips to shoot great hunting videos:

  • Try to video with the sun on your subject.
  • Hunting is filled with a bounty of natural sounds. Be sure you have a good microphone with at least a 10-foot cord so you can place the microphone in front of your setup, which will help you pick up the natural sounds and not the sound of your hands operating the camera.
  • Use a tripod! Your footage will look smooth. Avoid tripods with braces between the legs. The braces can keep you from sliding under your camera and getting great, comfortable shots.
  • Prepare to film hunts by practicing around the house. Cats, dogs, or even your kids playing outside will work.
  • Don’t zoom in and out too much. Get on your subject and stay there.
  • Be sure to cover all of your camera gear with camouflage.
  • Have preplanned cues for your hunters such as a word or signal to know when you’re ready for them to shoot.
  • If your camera has a manual focus selection, use it. Turkeys or deer walking through grass or in the woods will confuse the auto focus.
  • Remember, a small field or food plot open to the sky will allow your camera to gather more light than hunting in the cover of the woods. This tactic will buy extra minutes early in the morning or at the end of the day.

Follow these tips and you’ll have hunting memories that you can pass down for generations.


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