Using good carp bait can ensure a solid catch. Here is a little step by step on how I make my own carp bait.

1.) 1 cup of flour
2.) 2 cups of water
3.) Vanilla extract
4.) Peanut butter
5.) Treble hooks

First off, mix the flour and water until it becomes gooey and sticky. Next, mix in some peanut butter and then splash a tiny bit of vanilla extract onto the mix. Next ball up the dough and insert a treble hook into the ball. Finally, put the treble hooks with the dough attached in the refrigerator overnight. Ive found that if you let the bait chill and harden up a bit, it will last longer in the water the next day. I have also experimented with soaking the dough balls in Red pop overnight and had great results.

Give the recipe a try and you’ll have carp hanging off your hook in no time!

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