A tom with hens around him is almost impossible to call, but it is doable. I use this trick, when I know where they’ve roosted the night before.

I go in real early the next morning, while its still dark outside and try to get with 100 or 150 yards. I use a hen decoy (you can to if they’re legal in your state). When its starting to get light outside, the first bird you hear will be the boss hen yelping. Concentrate on her and mimic her calling sequence to a tea. Every time she yelps, yelp back at her the same way. If you can, cut her off. She rules the roost and you are an intruder that she doesn’t know; that will get her fighting mad. She will fly down to you. She is the boss hen and she dictates what the flock will do. She will try and search you out.

Be ready with your weapon. The tom will be either following her or in the back of the flock. Remember, when they fly out of the roost the could land right near you.

I’ve had tons of luck taking down the gobblers with this method!

Photo: Steve Voght

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