Hunting is hard enough without using your target’s strongest sense, smell, against you. This tip helps you create a natural cover scent to help you remain undetected while hunting.

First, you need to find a pond, lake, or stream near your hunting area and bring some of that water home. I use a five gallon bucket with a lid.

In order to take advantage of the masking scent from the water you should:

  • Wash and dry your hunting clothes the way you normally do
  • After drying dip rinse all of your clothes in the natural water from your hunting area
  • Hang dry outside

The deer and other animals in your area that water here are familiar with the scents from the water because they have had their noses in it many time when drinking.

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2 thoughts on “Natural Cover Scent

  1. Or you could find a fox den and live in there for 2 weeks prior to season–if the fox lets you.  Or you could rub yourself all over with rabbit poop pellets and try to pass yourself off to the deer as a big bunny rabbit.  Seriously though—the more “hints” I read that are faaaaaaaar out, the more I laugh. $20 says this guy and most of the other posters have never killed a deer unless it was accidentally with their car. It’s amazing the indians survived without hints like this.  LOL 

    Wash your clothes in a scent free detergent–and put baking soda in the rinse water. Dry outdoors and when dry put them in a plastic bag with some evergreen tree trimmings. Leave them there until season. Shower EVERYDAY during season with a scent free soap and use it for shampoo—and watch the wind while hunting.  To date I’ve killed 14 elk, over 20 mule deer, over 100 whitetails and 5 moose–doing nothing more than that.  No pond water or boiled acorns or rabbit poop. Just common sense.

  2. Yup, I use sent free soap and baking soda. Dry the cloths outside on the line Then store in plastic bags with a piece of pine branch with green needles. Just seal the bag tightly.  The creek water sounds interesting but with my luck it would come downstream from a dead possum carcass 

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