There are few things more frusterating in the outdoors than trying to start a decent fire in the middle of a serious downpour. This tip will help you make cheap and effective waterproof firestarters using only supplies found around your house. First you have to take a paper egg carton (make sure it is paper, not styrofoam) and fill the cavities with dryer lint. Next, fill the cavities with melted candle wax. Then all you have to do is cut the cavities apart to make individual firestarters.

There’s no need to spend money on firestarters from the store if you follow this tip. All you have to do in a downpour is set the starter in a nest of some dry or damp tinder and kindling and light the paper shell. This little bulb will burn in wet conditions for a significant amount of time, long enough for you to get a nice roaring fire started.

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