Now that the warm summer months are over, some anglers are heading to the woods,while others are still wetting a line until ice up. The anglers that get out and fish during the fall months are likely to have some of their best action all season. No matter what species of fish you are after, they have the feed bug on as they will need to begin filling up on food before the long, winter months ahead. With a different season, there are certain things that an angler needs to pay attention to when they hit the water.

Two of the key things that I look for when targeting fish in the fall are bait fish and access to deep water. These two things are important to fish in the fall, because both have an effect on how they are preparing for winter. During the fall fish will want to eat as much food as they can since during the winter months their feeding window is much shorter. So by paying attention to the surface of the water and looking for baitfish, you will likely find some good fishing areas.

Having the deeper water close by is key as well, because deep holes are where the fish will stay during the winter months. As fall progresses those fish will want to be closer to the deeper water because if a strong cold front comes through and those fish feel the effects they’ll want to move into that deeper water. Using my Humminbird Side Imaging I can locate a structure that is adjacent to that deeper water, mark it with my GPS and then return to fish it.

Keeping your rods protected during the cooler fall months is important because these temperatures aren’t gentle on them. Whether you are transporting your rods in your vehicle or the rod locker in your boat, they can be easily damaged or broken if they aren’t taken care of. Using a rod sleeve like the Rod Glove will keep the full rod protected.

The Rod Glove will also help keep your rods organized and tangle free when on the deck of your boat. This is especially helpful when heading out in the wee morning hours or hoping to take advantage of that late evening bite during the low light hours.

Any time you are on the water the number one thing that should be on an angler’s mind is safety. That is why wearing your life jacket is critical during the fall months as the water temperatures are much cooler than the previous months. I like to wear my Onyx Inflatable Life Jacket any time I’m on the water, that way I’ll be able to stay afloat if I end up in the waves. Staying warm and dry also ensures that your day on the water is not only enjoyable, but also keeps you from getting sick. A quality rain suit, like the Onyx Pro Tech Rain Jacket and Bibs will keep you dry and warm, no matter how nasty the fall weather is.

Regardless of how much preparation and thinking goes into your next fishing trip, there will be problems that you encounter on the water. Having the correct tools in your boat or tackle box is the saving grace to keep your day on the water salvageable. Besides your traditional pliers, scissors and first aid supplies, determine what tools are unique to your situation and have them as well. To store these tools, along with your cell phone and fishing license a Plano Guide Series waterproof case will make sure that these key tools stay in good condition and no damage occurs to your valuable possessions while on the water. The 1449 model is great work your wallet, phone and key’s, while the 1470 model accommodates your larger items, such as cameras, GPS’s and tools.

With it being the end of September there is still a good month or so of fall fishing, grab your rods, hook up the boat and go take advantage of some prime fishing!

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